Liam Hardy

Liam Hardy

Staff Writer

A passionate geo-enthusiast offering a refreshing bridge over the troubled waters of mining, academia and investment, stripping out as much geo-jargon as possible and hoping to increase accessibility in the realms of geological research.

Liam is currently writing up a PhD at the University of Brighton in the UK investigating REE enriched deposits in Southern Portugal. Look forward to informal articles on REEs, gold and critical metals, reviews from conferences around the world and a ‘Mining101’ series offering an entry level guide to the nuances and terminologies thrown around in mining geology.

Get in touch with any questions suggestions or ideas:

Email: Liam [at]

Twitter @BeefcakeHardy

Facebook: LiamGeoHardy

Liam finding monazite crystals in a beautiful weathered granite near Oskemen, Kazakhstan

Where better to study? – Liam teaching students about thrust fault systems in Southern Portugal