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Although the name suggests a rather unidimensional orientation, Diamond Fields Resources has two more projects up its sleeve. Their most advanced project indeed targets submarine alluvial diamonds along the coast of Namibia, a well-established prospect which has already seen numerous mining activities in the past.

Dredging for diamonds on the Namibian coastline

Dredging for diamonds on the Namibian coastline

A state-of- the-art remotely operated submarine tractor guarantees optimal response to diamond distribution variability in the sediments. Even though the size of the stones recovered so far is comparatively small, their flawlessness, abundance and the occasional occurrence of special stones imply a prolific deposit that is expected to generate revenues in 2018.

In Beravina, Madagascar, a pegmatite hosted zircon mine is expected to be commissioned into production by 2020. Whilst there are a number of similar deposits known around the globe, this will be the first one of its kind to be developed into a mine.

Among the challenges yet to be overcome until then are increased U and Th concentrations in the gangue as well as the successful establishment in a confidence-based market.

One highly unconventional prospect held by Diamond Fields Resources is found on the bottom of the Red Sea, 2000 m below sea level. This high grade, low volume Zn, Cu, Ag Mn bearing mud pool is not yet of economic value due to technological limitations, however, the fact that it is still forming and growing makes it an interesting contestant over questions concerning genetic models of spreading- ridge hosted ore deposits.

Invest in African Mining Indaba 2018

Invest in African Mining Indaba 2018

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