Leeds SEG Dinner with Klondike Gold corp.

After all of these posts about conference gatherings and parties, you might be beginning to think our job here at MiningIR isn’t all that stressful all the time. You would be right, we work hard, but really enjoy our work! We tagged along to the Steamworks along the waterfront in Vancouver with the Leeds University SEG student chapter comprised of undergrad, masters and PhD level students who’d received various scholarships to come and present their work at the AME Round-up conference, guided by AME Round-Up veteran Rob Chapman and fellow Leeds University lecturer Taija Torvela.

Over a few beverages and a decent dinner, the talk turned inevitably to shiny rocks, as it unavoidably does on a table of 15 geologists. The most gripping topics of the night were porphyry copper in the Yukon and rare earth alteration halos around the Alno Carbonatite complex in Sweden, the most exciting learning curve for the Brits was the discovery of the Bloody Caesar (a Canadian take on the Bloody Mary with Clamato juice!). An alien concept, but, a very very tasty alien concept indeed!

A great evening was had by all and our thanks go to Peter Tallman from the Klondike Gold Corporation for supporting the event and members of the geology team from Dalradian Resources for joining the event and sharing their exploration experience with the group.

We look forward to hearing from you all next year!

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Written by Liam Hardy

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