Mining Finland: Metals, Technology & Sushi

MiningIR were kindly invited by Mining Finland to join their cocktail reception at the Pan-Pacific Hotel (Vancouver) last week and, we’re happy to say we had a very warm and Finish evening, not just because of the salmon and pickled herring snacks served, but because of the wonderfully dry Scandi humour, the focused attitudes to work and the openness towards sharing culture and inviting newcomers into the fray of Finland’s exploration sector.

Harry Sandström from the GTK launched the meeting with a comprehensive presentation on the benefits to working in Finland, from the excellent transport and energy infrastructure to the world class ore sorting and smelting facilities across the country. An estimated 80% of the technology used in underground mining operations worldwide was developed between Sweden and Finland so, they have a proven track record of innovation and progression in the mineral industry. Finland also leads the world in environmental controls around its mine sites so, is one to watch in every way.

Harry was followed by a selection of companies showcasing their projects in gold, silver and copper exploration and discussion of live cloud hosted environmental technology. We’ll come back to that in greater detail in the near future with the launch of our MiningIR ‘Spotlight Finland’ series, following the work of some key major and junior companies in their exploration around Finland as well as reviewing research centres and speaking with University departments.

If you’re interested in taking part in ‘Spotlight Finland’ as a featured company, organisation, investor, writer, student or a local enthusiast, contact us!

For now, kiitos ja näkemiin. We hope you enjoy these photos from the event and you come back for more. Let us know if you’d like any full size copies.

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