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A very English mess: The Wolf stops howling at Hemerdon

The fourth largest tin-tungsten deposit in the world sits silent in the countryside near Plymouth (UK) this morning. Who saw

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What’s new on the CSE this September?

Marking and sampling at the Spey Resources (CSE : SPEY) Wigwam polymetallic project in British Columbia, Canada.

As this year’s CSE sponsored Extraordinary Futures event kicks off in Vancouver, MiningIR reporter Liam Hardy takes a quick look at what’s

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Newfoundland in Focus: Dustin Angelo introduces the region’s biggest gold producer

Dustin Angelo, CEO and President of Anaconda Mining

This morning (ET), MiningIR reporter Liam Hardy (LH) spoke with Anaconda Mining’s CEO & President Dustin Angelo. You can listen to

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Newfoundland in Focus: Underexplored and ready for business

Looking out over the Voice's Bay open pit Nickel mine in Newfoundland, Canada

Newfoundland in North Eastern Canada has a long and diverse history of mining, from its first iron mine in the

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Vanadium stock booms… but do we all get a little poorer for it?

Will cheap knock off EVs join the decades waste in dumps like this one?

This week respectable producer Largo Resources (TSX – LGO) have added 17.54% to their share value recovering above the $2 barrier for

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Novel high grade gold: Its not all rocks anymore

New York's historic sewers could produce some US$100 million of metals per year.

Our 21st century has brought new wealth and new strains across the mining and commodities sectors. It has left governments

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2018 is halfway there, are miners living on a prayer?

Battery metal s dominated this year's Mining Journal Select meeting in London

Congratulations to those of you reading. You have survived another 6 months in the mining industry, no mean feat, it

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July pick from the ASX: Buxton Resources

2nd July 2018 – Buxton Resources (BUX:ASX) are a Nickel (Ni), copper (Cu), gold (Au) and graphite (C) exploration company with

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Mining in Zimbabwe: A New Era? A Look at Mining, Investment, Politics, Safety and more.

The Panel: Ingo Hofmaier, Julian Fisher, Steve Curtis and moderator Ian Coles - Mining in Zimbabwe: A New Era (Mayer Brown & the association of Mining analysts)

This week as part of our ‘New Horizons’ series, MiningIR joined the audience at a panel seminar hosted by Mayer Brown and the Association of Mining Analysts, the topic: Zimbabwe, past present, future; mining, investment, politics, safety and all.

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