American Battery Metals lithium survey finds ‘huge and undefined reservoir’ in Nevada

2 July 2019

A geophysical survey of their Railroad Valley project area in Nevada has prompted a very positive announcement from American Battery Metals, the Nevada based battery metal exploration and development company.

The results of the geophysical survey indicate 2 large conductive zones located within the project area. “Conductive Zones” could indicate the presence of Lithium concentration in both shallow clay deposits and in deeper Brine deposits. One of these conductive zones was recently drill tested to a depth of 3,000 feet. The results of the drill samples are expected within the next six weeks.

Speaking about the results, the CEO of American Battery Metals, Doug Cole, said that the reservoir they’d found was ‘huge and undefined’ and that it contains not only saline water but a very large potential brine pool with solid indications of Lithium and other minerals.

“ We have said in the past that we have had 1 million metric tons of Lithium in the whole valley and over 10 billion Barrels of Sodium Carbonate, which now looks to be conservative. We are very excited that we will now exceed those expectations in the near future through additional Production Wells and a Formal reserve report.”

Looking to the future, Mr Cole commented that over the next few months American Battery Metals is looking to increase their geophysics program, and following the number crunching, drilling 3 production wells.

“The geophysics pinpoints exactly where we should drill and continue to drill. We do expect to go a lot deeper as this reservoir is very deep, in fact we don’t know how deep and won’t until we drill further and further. This report was excellent for us.”

The full interpretive section from the geophysical report is due to be published in mid-July.

About the Railroad Valley project

The Property
The Railroad Valley covers approximately 26,000 acres in a region of known lithium-enriched brines. We acquired the land that comprises the RRV#01 project by locating mining claims and obtaining a mining property lease through the Nevada BLM. On September 12, 2018 the Company announced that it had secured an additional 20,000 acres of strategic land holdings at their Railroad Valley Lithium Exploration Project that cover the favorable closed basin salar (salt flat).
The Railroad Valley is a closed drainage basin that covers an area of approximately 2,000 square miles (5,180 square kilometers) with a geologic setting that is dominated by lake and basin-fill sediments which overlie petroleum reservoirs. The basin is bounded on its westerly margin by Tertiary-age volcanic rocks of the Pancake Range, which are enriched in lithium and are potential source rocks for lithium brines. In the Railroad Valley Project area, there appears to be a convergence of several factors favorable for lithium brine formation, including a deep, hydrologically closed basin covered by an evaporative playa. Previous oil exploration in the basin, adjacent to LithiumOre’s newly acquired property, has encountered significant thicknesses of evaporitic and ash-fall sediments, and has demonstrated the existence of a large geothermal anomaly underlying the entire basin. The geothermal anomaly is further evidenced by numerous hot springs on the west side of the basin and adjacent to the project area, indicative of convective cycling within the local saline groundwater system. The numerous identifiable mechanisms for the potential concentration of lithium brines within the basin are highly promising and create a compelling exploration target. Such geophysical anomalies, in addition to their proximity to potential lithium source rocks, nearby geothermal energy occurrences and the presence of evaporative processes found on the existing playa, reflect the major characteristics favorable for lithium brine development.

American Battery Metals Corporation

American Battery Metals Corporation ( (OTCQB: ABML) is a premier battery metal exploration and development company based in Nevada. The company is focused on its Railroad Valley battery metal project in Nevada with the goal of becoming a substantial domestic supplier of battery metals to the increasing electric vehicles and battery storage markets in America.
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