Amex Makes New Gold Discovery Named The Team Zone With High Grade Intercepts Up To 10.05 G7T Au Over 9.50 M And 68.66 G/T Au Over 1.40 M At Perron

September 27, 2022

Amex Exploration Inc.


Amex Exploration Inc. announce a new gold zone discovery called the Team Zone on the Perron project in the Abitibi region of Quebec. The near-surface Team Zone occurs ~600 m to the northeast of the High Grade Zone and ~300 m northeast of the E2 Gold Zone (Figure 1). To date, Amex has intercepted visible gold mineralization in 14 of 20 holes targeting the Team Zone over an area of approximately 200 m by 100 m.

Owing to a significant delay at the assay lab, the partial results below represent only the samples in each hole that were sent for screen metallic assays (this assay method is selected when gold mineralization is anticipated owing to visible gold, significant veining, and/or significant sulfides). When the fire assay results for the balance of the reported holes are received, Amex will issue updated results. See Table 1 for a list of the partial results, Table 2 for drill hole coordinates, Figure 1 for a map of the Perron project geology showing the location of the Team Zone, and Figure 2 for a map showing the distribution of visible gold identified to date throughout the Team Zone.

Kelly Malcolm, Vice President of Amex Exploration, will present an overview of the Company’s progress to date including the new Team Zone in an interactive 3D and 360º virtual tour using the VRIFY Platform. A webinar presentation will be aired live on Wednesday September 28, 2022, at 10am EST. Please register here: Amex Zoom Webinar

YouTube video

The VRIFY platform integrates all aspects of the Perron Project including drone footage of the location, infrastructure, the multiple discoveries and then transitions underground revealing the mineralization using the drilling and assay results reported to date. The 3D VRIFY Presentation can also be found on our website after the webinar.

Table 1: Assay results from the Team Zone at Perron. Note these results represent partial drill results. Also note that true width is currently unknown.

Hole ID From
Au g/t Vertical
depth (m)
PE-22-519 444.50 445.00 0.50 6.91 ~360
PE-22-525 115.00 116.50 1.50 4.05 ~90 to 165
And 171.50 173.50 2.00 15.19
And 204.80 205.80 1.00 1.83
PE-22-537 202.50 204.00 1.50 7.68 ~170 to 310
And 231.55 232.05 0.50 12.16
And 380.00 381.00 1.00 9.55
PE-22-545 180.80 184.50 3.70 3.64 ~150 to 295
And 220.20 225.30 5.10 1.61
And 249.00 249.50 0.50 22.10
And 365.60 367.00 1.40 68.66
PE-22-546 127.25 140.00 12.75 1.69 ~100
Including 136.90 137.40 0.50 31.59
PE-22-547 109.00 109.50 0.50 5.93 ~80 to 250
And 329.60 330.10 0.50 31.97
PE-22-548 216.00 225.50 9.50 10.05 ~185
Including 221.50 222.00 0.50 53.22
Including 224.50 225.00 0.50 80.24
PE-22-549 212.50 217.10 4.60 1.61 ~160
PE-22-550 213.35 218.80 5.45 0.85 ~175
PE-22-554 149.50 150.00 0.50 27.73 ~115 to 180
And 236.00 239.00 3.00 11.17
PE-22-555 40.00 43.00 3.00 2.78 ~30 to 185
And 73.90 75.90 2.00 2.62
And 91.40 94.90 3.50 1.99
And 225.20 227.20 2.00 6.96
PE-22-556 26.25 28.50 2.25 19.04 ~20 to 275
And 311.50 314.00 2.50 1.76
And 334.80 335.90 1.10 1.60
PE-22-561 129.50 140.00 10.50 3.31 ~110
Including 130.50 131.00 0.50 24.67
Including 138.30 138.80 0.50 20.00


Table 2: Team Zone drill hole coordinates

Hole Id Azimuth
Dip (°) Length
PE-22-519 162 -59 892 615240 5431099 364
PE-22-525 168 -55 862 615239 5431099 364
PE-22-537 162 -56 713 615241 5431100 364
PE-22-545 162 -55 570 615234 5431037 351
PE-22-546 165 -50 508 615284 5431032 351
PE-22-547 179 -52 670 615299 5430995 353
PE-22-548 165 -58 625 615333 5431034 351
PE-22-549 165 -52 511 615385 5431037 355
PE-22-550 163 -55 498 615155 5430976 347
PE-22-554 120 -50 331 615177 5431038 351
PE-22-555 120 -55 352 615159 5430980 357
PE-22-556 118 -57 364 615176 5431039 351
PE-22-561 163 -55 355 615284 5431033 351


Jacques Trottier, PhD, Executive Chairman of Amex Exploration, commented, “We are very excited by the amount of visible gold in the core of almost every hole drilled into the Team Zone. While we have been working to understand the size and geometry of this system, drilling has exceeded expectations. We have intercepted several panels of gold mineralization across a significant area of the north-eastern portion of the Beaupre Block. The Team Zone is delivering both high-grade gold in tension-type veins as well as nice wider composites of lower-grade mineralization. We look forward to the receipt of the fire assay results for the balance of today’s reported holes as well as all assays for the balance of the un-released drillholes, in order to get a fulsome understanding of this very interesting new discovery. This zone is an important new discovery as it represents potentially a new deposit with its own gold resources that could be adding to the other known zones on the still under-explored Perron property. Consequently, we have decided to assign a drill to continue exploration on the Team Zone while the other drills are still dedicated to the EGZ, including the HGZ and Denise definition and expansion, and regional exploration.”

The Team Zone is situated within the Beaupre rhyolite block, which is the host to the majority of gold identified to date on the Perron project. Gold mineralization is associated with quartz-carbonate veins & tension veinlets which are at times folded and/or brecciated. The gold-bearing quartz veins are found in both rhyolite and mafic intrusive bodies, unlike many of the other gold zones at Perron which are lithologically controlled. The mineral assemblage however, comprising pyrite-pyrrhotite +/- sphalerite +/- chalcopyrite +/- visible gold, is similar to the Eastern Gold Zone mineralization (Figure 3). As shown in Figure 2, Amex has drilled the Team Zone at multiple orientations, in order to identify the geometry of the system. As additional assay results are received and additional drillholes are completed, the 3-dimensional shape and size potential of the Team Zone will be revealed.

Figure 1. Geological map of the Perron Project, with the location of existing zones and the newly discovered Team Zone.
Figure 2. Geological compilation map of the target Team Zone area. Shown are all of the areas with identified visible gold (VG), across a widespread area of approximately 200m x 100m.


Figure 3: Highlight photos of visible gold within quartz veins of the Team Zone from holes PE-22-525. PE-22-537, PE-22-545, PE-22-554 and PE-22-561. Abbreviations: VG – Visible Gold, Py – Pyrite.

Qualified Persons

Maxime Bouchard P.Geo. M.Sc.A., (OGQ 1752) and Jérôme Augustin P.Geo. Ph.D., (OGQ 2134), Independent Qualified Persons as defined by Canadian NI 43-101 standards, have reviewed and approved the geological information reported. The drilling campaign and the quality control program have been planned and supervised by Maxime Bouchard and Jérôme Augustin.

The quality assurance and quality control protocols include insertion of blank or standard samples every 10 samples on average, in addition to the regular insertion of blank, duplicate, and standard samples accredited by Laboratoire Expert or ALS Canada Ltd. during the analytical process.

For all analyses targeting gold mineralization, gold values are estimated by fire assay with finish by atomic absorption. Values over 3 ppm Au are reanalyzed by fire assay with finish by gravimetry by Laboratoire Expert Inc, Rouyn-Noranda. Samples containing visible gold mineralization are analyzed by metallic sieve. For additional quality assurance and quality control, all samples were crushed to 90% less than 2 mm prior to pulverization, in order to homogenize samples which may contain coarse gold.

For analyses targeting VMS mineralization, zinc, copper and silver values are estimated by four acid digestion multi-elements Inductively Coupled Plasma – Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-AES), ME-ICP61 at ALS Canada Ltd. Zinc values over 1%, copper values over 1%, and silver values over 100 g/t are estimated by four acid digestion ICP-AES, OG62. Gold values are estimated by fire assay with atomic absorption finish.


VRIFY has a cloud based technology which communicates a company’s value with presentation tools that simplify information and translate tough to digest data into compelling content. The platform allows companies to showcase project data with interactive 3D models, host global site visits of remote assets using virtual tours, and present content to any device, anytime, anywhere in the world. The VRIFY platform is building a more transparent mining investment ecosystem.

About Amex

Amex Exploration Inc. has made significant gold discoveries on its 100% owned high-grade Perron Gold Project located ~110 kilometres north of Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, consisting of 117 contiguous claims covering 4,518 hectares. The project is well-serviced by existing infrastructure, on a year-round road, 10 minutes from an airport and just outside the town of Normétal (~8 km). In addition, the project is in close proximity to a number of major gold producers’ milling operations. The project host both bulk tonnage and a high-grade gold style mineralization. Since January 2019, Amex has intersected significant gold mineralization in multiple gold zones and discovered copper-rich VMS zones.

For further information please contact, Victor Cantore, President and Chief Executive Officer, at +1-514-866-8209

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