Annual AME Roundup is taking place from January 22-25, 2024 in Vancouver

January 15, 2024

Association of Mineral Explorers (AME) Roundup 2024

by James Hyland, MiningIR

Vancouver, Canada – January 15, 2022  The annual AME Roundup, taking place from January 22-25, 2024, in Vancouver, is a prominent event for the mineral exploration community. This conference, hosted by the Association for Mineral Exploration (AME), is a key gathering for professionals in the field, offering a platform for networking, learning, and discovering the latest trends and developments in mineral exploration.

Keerit Jutla, President and CEO of AME commented, “The theme this year is Exploring for Value. We each define value differently, and at AME Roundup 2024, we will come together to examine all aspects of mineral exploration and development through technical, financial, and social lenses.”

Keerit Jutla, President and CEO of AME
MiningIR Spoke with Keerit Jutla from AME at Resourcing Tomorrow London 2023

Tickets are available through AME Roundup 2024 registration at

One of the highlights of the AME Roundup 2024 is its wide range of speakers from diverse backgrounds, including industry leaders, academics, and professionals. These speakers will cover a variety of topics pertinent to the mineral exploration sector. For instance, experts like Dr. Robert Quartermain, Co-Chair of Dakota Gold Corp, and Dr. Hayley Wickenheiser, a four-time Olympic Gold Medalist, are among the notable figures scheduled to speak at the event.

Exploring for a Cure

In addition to the speaker sessions, the event will feature a range of courses and workshops. These are designed to provide attendees with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in various aspects of mineral exploration. For example, there’s a short course focused on the creation of 3D models in mineral exploration, emphasizing foundational principles and practical applications in resource estimation.

AME has also announced the 2023 award recipients, recognizing leaders in mineral exploration and development in British Columbia and Yukon. The awards, celebrating achievements and contributions in innovation and leadership, will be presented at the AME Awards Gala during the AME Roundup 2024 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. This event underscores the significant accomplishments of individuals and teams in the industry. For more detailed information, you can visit their website: AME Announces 2023 Award Recipients.

Furthermore, the AME Roundup 2024 includes unique networking opportunities, such as the Vancouver Canucks vs. Toronto Maple Leafs Member Networking Event, an off-site gathering where attendees can connect in a relaxed setting.

The event also prioritizes educational aspects, with courses and activities designed for students and young professionals. These include a Student Short Course, where students can engage with industry leaders, and the “Exploring BC’s Golden Triangle Mineral Deposits” course, providing insights into one of the world’s most mineral-rich areas.

The Poster Display

AME Roundup 2024 also features Discovery Day, a family-friendly event aimed at educating and exciting kids about mineral exploration and mining. This day includes interactive activities like panning for gold, drone displays, and firsthand games with geologists and engineers.

The AME Roundup 2024 promises to be a comprehensive and dynamic event, offering valuable opportunities for learning, networking, and exploring the latest trends in the mineral exploration industry. For more detailed information about the event, its schedule, and registration details, you can visit the official website of the AME Roundup 2024 here or contact AME at [email protected] or call 604.630.3921

About AME

AME is the lead association for the mineral exploration and development industry based in British Columbia. Established in 1912, AME represents, advocates, protects, and promotes the interests of thousands of members who are engaged in mineral exploration and development in B.C. and throughout the world.

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James Hyland, MiningIR