At the Crossroads of Mining Information and Technology

May 13, 2022

Dr. Byelongo Elisee Isheloke, MiningIR web journalist

How could multinationals do business and share technology with local companies?

We all know that information is power and the most important asset for any company is not money but informed workforce. It is therefore imperative to everyone to look after the human resources in the company. This entails carefully recruiting mining workers, career development through training, retraining to allow them to unlearn certain things while absorbing the filtered information to the company’s collective advantage. Follow up are needed and investing in the personnel should ultimately be one of the goals.

Participants had to choose among a variety of magazines, newspapers, and business publications.”

For more insights on what went on in the mining sector, we recommend researchers to read and talk to the role-players within the sector. A plethora of information could be found to solve a myriad of difficulties in the mining sector, especially those linked to technology or the lack thereof. We know there is RFID* and other telecommunications technology used in the mining sector which impacts on performance and productivity.

Conrad fandbeta* said: we do traceability/tracking on traceability platforms, and we are based in London. We also have offices in Africa…we track material from the source…software company, we provide tracking equipment…we scan…we try to minimise the cost…the company is 4 years old and challenges are the same everywhere, organisations should disclose more information and be more transparent, but people need to try to be more transparent as well. Technology seems to be the future.  We got a few important contacts.

A researcher would find the magazines and journals valuable. All the above free of charge at the Indaba

A researcher would find the magazines and journals valuable. All the above free of charge at the Indaba.”

In those magazine’s or journal publications one find solace in that socio-economic issues highlighted by governments and which policy-makers have sought to address through their policies are discussed. One such issues is prejudice and gender-equity related matters which are unsolved even as we write. Challenges include industry enhancement rather than mere job creation, addressing the triple challenge of poverty, crime and unemployment. Notwithstanding the above, the commercial company including those focusing on technology exchanges are important stakeholders.

Without reviewing them, information on the need to promote women and young adults in the mining sectors were addressed in different platforms and available in publications at the 2022 Mining Indaba in Cape Town.

A lot of information on IT in the mining sector was shared at the Indaba and via publications

There were organisations that aimed at promoting the rights of women. These mining companies advocates for women/human’s rights while empowering them and many articles about this is found in the collections shown here. It is great to experience women’s resilience and determination, and this purports: “courage to speak up, challenges the status quoi and breaks barriers” (Source: WM 100 – international women in mining). Sometimes, it is worth trying advise of others. Equitable resources redistribution is paramount. All needs to be done to ensure women are not forgotten in efforts to redress the economy.   Last but not least, to answer the question initially as follows: How could multinationals do business and share technology with local companies? They need to enter into partnership with smaller organisations to exchange expertise…This and more is what you are entitled to if you use some of those guards.

Dr. Byelongo Elisee Isheloke*

MiningIR Web Journalist

*The author is an Associate Professor at Institut Supérieur Pédagogique & Rector of Université Espoir du Congo (UEC)

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