Come be a Shark at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference 2024

6 January 2024

Vancouver Resource Investment Conference 2024

by Jay Martin

On January 21 & 22, Jay Martin is hosting his annual conference in Vancouver, BC, the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference 2024.

This event is focused on early-stage companies in the commodities sector.

If you have ever been curious about how financial markets really operate – why some people get rich while others miss out – then this is the conference to attend

“We are entering a new era of de-globalization. The trust that allowed for global trade over the last 30 years has shifted irreversibly and countries are now scrambling to secure supplies of natural resources as a matter of national security. As a result, demand for key resources, will skyrocket. We have gathered over 300 companies that are exploring for and producing these natural resources so investors can position themselves accordingly.”

Jay Martin, Host of the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference

With over 80 keynote speakers who write big cheques and put their money where their mouth is, and 240 early-stage company CEOs pitching their deals, this event is a crash course in real-world finance. 

Live on stage, we will go beyond asset values and balance sheets and dig into the real drivers of success or failure of these companies – the people.

Companies succeed or fail because of the people who operate them. When you invest in a business, you are investing in the people.

But how do you find the winners?

How do you find entrepreneurs who refuse to quit, who surround themselves with only the best people and who pursue only the best opportunities?

You come to my show and listen to legendary investors who have made billions getting the formula exactly right. 

You hear their stories of success and failure: the hard-fought lessons, the euphoric wins and the terrifying losses.

Stories of investors who lost it all and built it all back.

You take notes and pay attention to the key rules that all successful investors follow – how they police their emotions, how they qualify opportunities and manage risk.

Then, you enter the trade show and meet the entrepreneurs face to face. 

The shark tank, where you can put your knowledge to work.

Come to the show, and get exposure to one of the most exciting games on earth. 

The Vancouver Resource Investment Conference – January 21 & 22. 

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