David Garofalo: Gold Mining Operation Supply Issues Points to a Sustained Bull Market for Gold

June 20, 2021

By Dave Russell at GoldCore TV

Supply side issues in many a gold mining operation, caused by the reduction in gold reserves from the previous industry averages of 20-25 years down to 10 years, is sure to put further pressure on supply/demand imbalances in the gold market.

How will this development in the #goldmining process affect the gold price?

That’s what we’re asking on this episode of GoldCore TV with our special guest David Garofalo who has been in the gold supply business for many years and is the former CEO of Goldcorp which was one of the largest gold mining companies that completed a $32bn merger with Newmont Mining.

YouTube video

David is also the current CEO and Chairman of the Gold Royalty Corp. Not only is David’s analysis, drawn from his extensive experience in gold mining documentary evidence of the reduction in proven #gold and #silver reserves, but he also demonstrates how this will lead to a massive increase in consolidation within the industry.

This leads him to a gold price prediction which is grounded in decades of industry experience.

David also shares his views on the demand side pressures in the gold market which continue due to the hyperinflation of money supply, continued low interest rates, and real yields, and a weakening dollar. #Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general also fall under David’s analysis and he strongly argues that Bitcoin is NOT Digital Gold!

“For the first time in my 30 year career in the mining business, the industry is at net zero debt” – David Garofalo

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