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Day 1: Highlights From Mines and Money Miami at the James L. Knight Center

February 22, 2024

Mines and Money Miami

By Jamie Hyland

Miami FL, February 22, 2024 – The Mines and Money Miami conference kicked off at the James L. Knight Center in downtown Miami, providing a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities in the mining industry. The day was filled with insightful discussions, keynote presentations, and mining spotlights, bringing together industry leaders, investors, and experts. Let’s delve into the key highlights of Day 1.

Mines and Money Miami

“Today at Mines and Money Miami we witnessed, a convergence of industry leaders, insightful panels on resourcing tomorrow, and invaluable networking sessions. It’s a powerful platform for shaping the future of mining investments, reflecting the dynamism of our sector. Together, we’re driving innovation and forging strategic connections that will define the landscape ahead.”

Andrew Thake, Divisional Director, Resourcing Tomorrow & Mines and Money

The conference began with a warm welcome from Jonathon Leader, Head of Investor Content at Mines and Money. Following this, Remi Piet, Co-Founder & Senior Partner at Embellie Advisory, set the tone with his opening remarks.

Mines and Money Networking Session

The morning’s most captivating moment unfolded with the commencement of the day’s events, marked by the opening keynote delivered by Ellis Martin, the distinguished host of the Ellis Martin Report. As the audience eagerly gathered, Martin’s commanding presence and insightful commentary immediately set the tone for an enlightening experience. With a wealth of knowledge and a keen understanding of the the markets, he skillfully navigated through key topics, providing valuable perspectives that left a lasting impact on the attendees. Martin’s ability to seamlessly blend information and engaging delivery captivated the audience, making the opening keynote a highlight of the morning that resonated with all fortunate enough to be present.

The mid-morning session featured a keynote panel facilitated by Ellis Martin, Founder of Ellis Martin Report. The panelists included Steven Bowles (Nebari Holdings), Caroline Donally (Sprott USA), Peter Ryan (Goba Capital), and Eddie Sugar (EAS Advisors). They explored effective cooperation between mining companies and financiers, capital needs of mid and downstream players, and financial options beyond equity raises.

“My first Mines and Money Miami conference is a success. I had the privilege of experiencing an excellent lineup of speakers and thought-provoking panel discussions on important topics such as ESG and critical minerals. It’s been a great first day, and I’m already looking forward to returning next year.”

Jonathon Leader, Head of Investor Content at Mines and Money

The Mines and Money Theater showcased spotlight sessions on various exploration and development companies, offering a glimpse into their projects, commodities, and ESG credentials. Representatives from Eastern Metals Limited, Anson Resources, Paramount Gold Nevada Corp, ValOre Metals, and WinSome Resources presented their respective spotlights.

The afternoon session focused on addressing capital supply bottlenecks, featuring discussions on telling the mining ESG story and establishing a pathway for greater investment in exploration. Facilitated by Michael Fox, the fireside chat included industry leaders Richard Williams (Bunker Hill Mining Corporation), Matt Geiger (MJG Capital Fund), and Amanda van Dyke (ARCH Emerging Markets Partners).

The day continued with spotlights on mining and tech companies such as Voyager Resources, United Lithium, Holder Resources, 5E Advanced Materials, and Western Copper and Gold. The interactive roundtables during the networking lunch provided attendees with the opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions on key industry challenges.

The afternoon session resumed with additional mining spotlights featuring companies like Exploits Gold, Sierra Metals, Falcon Copper Corp, Impact Silver, Western Mines Group, Image Resources NL, Hornet Corporation, American Pacific Mining, Kingsgate Consolidated, and Abcourt Mines Inc.

The late afternoon brought a fireside chat on the challenges and opportunities in rebuilding American infrastructure, emphasizing the need for secure supply chains and modernization. Chris Temple, Editor at National Investor Publishing, led the chat with guests Ryan Sistad and David Tice.

The day concluded with the highly anticipated Mining Pitch Battle emceed by MiningIR’s Alvaro Peralta. Mining companies went head-to-head, pitching their projects to a panel of leading investors. Judges, including John Forwood, Tom Solomon, Nora Pincus, and Keith Spence, evaluated each pitch, considering potential ROI. The day wrapped up with Chairperson’s Closing Remarks.

Mining Pitch Battle emceed by MiningIR’s Alvaro Peralta.

To cap off the day, delegates enjoyed a networking cruise on The Biscayne Lady, a luxurious 111ft yacht. The cruise provided a picturesque setting for attendees to connect, unwind, and continue discussions in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Biscayne Lady

Overall, Day 1 at the Mines and Money Investor Conference in Miami set a high standard for the rest of the event. The diverse range of topics covered, from responsible mining and alternative capital deployment to exploration and commodity prices, showcased the industry’s dynamism and commitment to addressing current challenges. Delegates eagerly anticipated the continuation of insightful discussions and networking opportunities in the days to come.

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James Hyland, MiningIR