Day 2: AME BC Roundup Conference at Canada Place

January 23, 2024

AME BC Roundup

By James Hyland

Vancouver, Canada – January 23, 2022 The second day of the AME BC Roundup Conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre brought together a diverse array of experts and enthusiasts from the mining and geoscience community. Known for its impactful sessions and networking opportunities, this year’s conference has already set new benchmarks in discussing the latest trends and research in the sector.

Reconciliation Keynote Breakfast

Dr. Amy Parent, a prominent figure in education and research, delivered an insightful keynote on reconciliation. Her speech emphasized the integration of reconciliation principles within the mining sector, underlining the importance of mutual respect and collaboration between indigenous communities and mining companies.

The bustling Exhibit Hall, vibrant with conversations and displays, served as the heart of the conference. A walk through the hall offered insights into the latest technological advancements and projects in the industry. The Poster Display, renowned for showcasing pioneering work in mineral deposit and exploration geoscience, provided a platform for leading researchers to share their findings.

Key Presentations and Their Highlights

Dale Mah from Endeavour Silver Corp opened the day with remarks that set the tone for forward-thinking discussions. Rowena Gunn’s talk on the intersection of energy transition and metals was particularly enlightening, highlighting the critical role of metals in sustainable energy solutions. Kendra Johnston’s presentation on recent trends in Flow-Through Financings provided valuable insights into the financial aspects of mining operations.

Advances in geoscience were a major theme, with notable presentations from Luke Ootes, Maurice Colpron, and Randy Enkin, each providing fresh perspectives on geological research and its applications in the mining industry.

The BC Regional Mining Alliance session included a panel discussion that offered diverse viewpoints on regional mining initiatives. The Indigenous Marketplace, supported by Teck, was a highlight, showcasing the rich cultural heritage and creativity of indigenous communities, and highlighting their growing role in the mining sector. Anticipation was high for Peter Grosskopf’s keynote, with expectations of insightful perspectives on resource finance.

This session was a powerhouse of information, with industry leaders like Ross Gordon, Jean-Marc Lulin, and others discussing critical topics such as the emergence of North American Lithium provinces and advancements in copper mining.

The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place was a melting pot of ideas and discussions focused on creating a sustainable mineral resource sector led by Indigenous communities. Speakers like Robin Sydneysmith and Taryn Cutler brought to the forefront the importance of building a culturally grounded and healthy future in mining.

The second day of the AME BC Roundup Conference not only highlighted the latest trends and innovations in mining and geoscience but also underscored the industry’s commitment to sustainable and inclusive practices. As the conference continues, attendees eagerly anticipate more groundbreaking discussions and revelations.

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James Hyland, MiningIR