Day 2 Highlights from Mines and Money Miami: Unveiling Trends and Insights at the James L. Knight Center

23 February 2024

Mines and Money Miami

By Jamie Hyland

The last day of Mines and Money Miami at the James L. Knight Center in Downtown Miami brought forth a wealth of insights, discussions, and networking opportunities for attendees. The day was marked by engaging panels, spotlight sessions, and keynotes covering critical minerals, ESG, responsible mining, resource nationalism, and the intersection of technology with mining.

The day commenced with a warm welcome from Jonathon Leader, Head of Investor Content at Mines and Money. Following this, Chris Temple, Editor of National Investor Publishing, set the stage with insightful opening remarks.

The highlight of the morning was the keynote panel titled “How Vertical Integration in the Critical Mineral Supply Chain is Reshaping The Geopolitics of Mining.” Moderated by Michael Fox, Owner and Publisher of Prospector News, the panel featured industry experts such as Erez Ichilov (Managing Director, Traxys), Dr. Gracelin Baskaran (Research Director for Energy Security & Climate Change, CSIS), Duncan Wood (Vice President, Strategy & New Initiatives, The Wilson Center), Amanda van Dyke (Managing Director, Sustainable Resources Strategy, ARCH Emerging Markets Partners), and Jeff Townsend (Founder & Director, Critical Minerals Association USA). They delved into the transformative trend of vertical integration, exploring its impact on the geographical location of critical minerals supply chains, its potential to stimulate exploration, and the readiness of free trade partners for large-scale processing and refinery operations.

How Vertical Integration in the Critical Mineral Supply Chain Panel

The spotlight then shifted to the topic of “Negotiating the New Geopolitics of Mining: Resource Nationalism and Supply Chain.” Facilitated by Fiona Clouder, CEO of ClouderVista, the panel featured Chris Temple, Kaleigh Long (Founder & CEO, Westwin Elements), Dr. Gracelin Baskaran, and Wilfredo Reyes (Principal, ARM Global Solutions Advisory). The discussion revolved around the challenges posed by resource nationalism, emphasizing constructive collaboration with local communities, forecasting risks, and diversifying supply chains to ensure stability.

Following these insightful discussions, Mines and Money Theater hosted mining spotlights, showcasing companies like Bunker Hill Mining Group, Summa Silver, AMEX Exploration, The Metals Company, WestGold Resources, and Blackrock Silver. Each company had a brief moment to present their exploration, development, or production highlights, offering attendees a glimpse into the diversity of projects across the globe.

Mines and Money Day 2

The afternoon commenced with a keynote panel titled “Are Critical Minerals Stocks Overheated or the Path to a Green Future?” Moderated by Ellis Martin, Founder of Ellis Martin Report, the panel featured Nora Pincus (VP Corporate Development, Empress Royalties), Greg Kofford (Founder and CEO, Sorbie Bornholm), Gonzalo Waldman (Partner, Synergy Capital), and Eddie Sugar (Founder and Principal, EAS Advisors). The panelists engaged in a thought-provoking debate on the valuation of critical minerals exploration stocks, the potential for market corrections, and the solidity of macro-economic assumptions regarding the demand for electric vehicles and green technologies.

As the day progressed, the Mines and Money Theater continued to host mining spotlights, featuring companies such as Renforth Resources, Defense Metals, Azure Minerals, Champion Electric Metal, Great Southern Copper, and Platinex, providing a comprehensive overview of their projects and prospects.

The lunch break offered attendees an opportunity for interactive roundtable discussions, focusing on topics like navigating a soft retail market and exploring mining investment as an entry point to the green value chain. These intimate sessions, led by industry experts Michael Fox and Keith Spence, facilitated in-depth conversations and the forging of new business relationships.

The afternoon spotlight shifted to technology with sessions featuring Surge Battery Metals, Devex Resources, Cordoba Minerals, Lumina Gold Corp, and Westwater Resources Inc. Each spotlight provided a glimpse into technological advancements and developments within the mining industry.

The day concluded with a keynote panel on “Exploring the Disconnect Between Commodity and Equity Prices in Precious Metals.” Facilitated by Mike McGlone, Senior Commodities Analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, the panel included industry leaders like Brien Lundin (President & CEO, Jefferson Companies), Cam Paterson (SVP Finance & IT, Pan American Silver), Joe Cavatoni (Market Strategist, North America, World Gold Council), Jim Ayers (Former Portfolio Manager, International Equity Fund, Invesco), and Miranda Werstiuk (Senior Originator, Monetary Metals & Co). The discussion revolved around macro-economic factors influencing gold prices, equity performance, and effective communication strategies for precious metals companies.

The event concluded with Chairperson’s closing remarks by Fiona Clouder, CEO of ClouderVista. Attendees then had the opportunity to continue networking at the Riverside Terrace Networking Drinks Reception, fostering connections and discussions in a relaxed atmosphere.

Riverside Terrace Networking Drinks Reception

As Mines and Money Miami last day came to an end, the conference succeeded in providing a comprehensive overview of the current trends, challenges, and opportunities in the mining industry. Attendees left with valuable insights, new connections, and a deeper understanding of the critical role mining plays in shaping the future, particularly in the context of critical minerals, ESG, and responsible mining. The discussions held on this day will likely reverberate through the industry, influencing strategic decisions and future developments.

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James Hyland, MiningIR