Day 3: AME BC Roundup Conference at Canada Place: Innovation, Collaboration, and Recognition

January 24, 2024

AME BC Roundup

By James Hyland

Vancouver, Canada – January 24, 2022  The third day of the AME BC Roundup Conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre buzzed with excitement, showcasing a blend of industry accolades, insightful discussions, and innovative ideas. From the early morning Environment, Health, and Safety Awards Breakfast to the glamour of the AME Awards Gala, the day was packed with moments of recognition, learning, and networking.

The day kicked off with the Environment, Health, and Safety Awards Breakfast. Steve Fraser from the Canadian Mental Health Association led the event, highlighting the importance of safety in mining operations. The Safe Day Everyday Gold Award was presented to Boart Longyear and Probe Gold Inc., acknowledging their exemplary safety records and commitment to worker wellbeing.

Keerit Jutla, President & CEO of the Association for Mineral Exploration BC, brought invaluable insights at the AME BC Roundup. His participation in the Mineral Tenure Act Modernization Panel highlighted the industry’s commitment to sustainable and responsible mineral exploration, aligning with global climate goals and social responsibilities.

Inspiring Conversations on the Future of Mineral Exploration

A series of talks on Precious Metals followed, led by Ayesha Ahmed of Teck Resources, setting the stage for a deep dive into geochemistry and exploration strategies. Highlights included:

  • Albert Chong’s insights on Wheaton Precious Metals.
  • David Cooke’s enlightening talk on gold-rich porphyries.
  • Chris Muller’s discussion on K92 Mining’s transformative growth in Papua New Guinea.
  • Melissa Render’s update on the Queensway Gold Project.
  • Carl Nagy’s exploration of Island Gold Mine’s geology.
  • Conrad Dix’s presentation on Agnico Eagle Mines’ new developments in Nunavut.

The Exhibit Hall, the conference’s heart and soul, was a hub of activity and networking. Simultaneously, the Poster Display provided a platform for leading researchers to share groundbreaking work on mineral resources in Canada and beyond.

The Exhibit Hall

The Gathering Place hosted critical discussions on indigenous participation and environmental policies in mining. Key speakers like Robin Sydneysmith, Taryn Cutler, and Jill Tsolinas provided insights on advancing projects with Indigenous partnerships and navigating the Mineral Tenure Act. The dialogues emphasized the importance of collaboration and consensus in the industry.

The Indigenous Marketplace, supported by Teck, allowed local vendors to share their creations, highlighting the cultural richness of the mining community. Concurrently, the Geoscience Innovation session offered a glimpse into the future of mining with talks on emerging technologies and methodologies for exploration, such as Travis Ferbey’s presentation on radiometrics and Shaun Barker’s discussion on core sensing technologies.

One of the most anticipated events of the day was Alaska Night, held at the VCC West Building. This event brought together attendees for an evening celebrating Alaskan mining and exploration. It served as a unique platform for networking, where industry professionals, investors, and government representatives connected over shared interests in Alaska’s vast mineral potential.

The day culminated with the prestigious AME Awards Gala, a dazzling event recognizing outstanding achievements in the mineral exploration and mining industry. The awards celebrated excellence in exploration, environmental stewardship, Indigenous collaboration, and technical innovation. This event not only acknowledged the successes of the past year but also inspired attendees by showcasing the dedication, ingenuity, and perseverance that continue to drive the mining sector forward.

Day 3 of the AME BC Roundup was a testament to the dynamic and evolving nature of the mining industry, reflecting a commitment to safety, innovation, and collaboration. It set the stage for a promising future, with stakeholders from all sectors coming together to drive the industry forward.

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James Hyland, MiningIR