Day 4: Unveiling the Future of Mining at Mining Indaba 2024 Conference

8 February 2024

Mining Indaba 2024

By James Hyland

CAPE TOWNSOUTH AFRICA  February 8, 2024  As the Mining Indaba Conference in Cape Town wraps up, the final day stands as a testament to the industry’s vibrant future, underscored by youthful insights, leadership journeys, arbitration reports, and the undying quest for exploration and innovation.

The day kicks off with a focus on Empowering the Next Generation, as Timothy Schultz of Brunswick Group takes the Disruptors Stage to relay what young people desire from the mining sector. Almost simultaneously, the Insiders Stage hosts a warm welcome by Wendy Bampton and Daniel Driscoll, setting a tone of inclusivity and forward-thinking.

Empowering the Next Generation, Timothy Schultz of Brunswick Group takes the Disruptors Stage

A poignant leadership and legacy discussion with Mike Teke, CEO of Seriti Resources, delves into a personal journey through the mining landscape, offering invaluable lessons on leadership, strategy, and vision for a sustainable mining future. Mike’s rise to the pinnacle of the mining industry is a testament to resilience and determination. Growing up in South Africa without a father and losing his mother at a young age, Mike was raised by his strict yet loving grandmother. His journey, influenced by his family, studies, and mentors, showcases his values, motivations, and strategic approach to leadership and business within the mining sector, as well as his optimistic outlook on its future.

This Is Your Life: A Personal Journey of Leadership in Mining with Moderator Siphesihle Nkatsha with Mike Teke

The Jus Mundi Mining Arbitration Report unveils key trends and insights in dispute resolution, marking a crucial step towards understanding the legal landscape that frames the sector. This is closely followed by an expert panel discussing the vast potential and challenges of African exploration and mine development, highlighting the critical need for innovative policies and technologies.

The legal sphere’s evolving role, especially in managing natural resource disputes and geopolitical risks, is scrutinized, offering a blueprint for in-house legal teams to navigate the complexities of the mining industry. Meanwhile, the Disruptors Stage shines a light on the research and technology driving mining innovation, emphasizing the sector’s adaptability and resilience.

A robust debate on the strategic management of Africa’s mineral wealth questions whether the continent is on the right path to maximizing its natural resources. The discussion encapsulates the conference’s spirit, urging a reevaluation of strategies to ensure equitable and sustainable benefits.

As the conference nears its end, discussions pivot towards the integration of artificial intelligence and technology in mining education and careers, reflecting on the essential skills and adaptability required for the industry’s future workforce.

The final sessions offer a deep dive into the legal intricacies of the mining sector, culminating in a fireside chat that bridges the gap between legal counsel and executive leadership, revealing insights into the transition from General Counsel to CEO.

The Mining Indaba 2024 Conference closes with reflective remarks from Chairperson, Frans Baleni and organisers, encapsulating a day rich in insights, discussions, and forward-looking statements. The dialogue generated throughout the day underscores the conference’s role in shaping the future of mining, highlighting the industry’s dynamism, challenges, and the collective effort required to navigate them.

As delegates depart, the conversations and connections forged at the Mining Indaba promise to echo through the industry, driving innovation, sustainability, and growth. The final day’s sessions not only reflect on the current state of mining but also pave the way for a future where the sector thrives through responsible practices, technological advancements, and a commitment to the next generation of mining leaders.

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James Hyland, MiningIR