Green Battery Minerals Defines Zone-3 targets at its Flagship Berkwood Graphite Project in Quebec

November 24, 2023

Green Battery Minerals Inc.


Green Battery Minerals Inc. announce that it has completed prospecting and MAG/EM ground surveys using beep-mat at the underexplored Zone 3 prospect at its Berkwood Graphite Project in Quebec. The work has further defined the prospect and has crystallized compelling targets for further exploration.

Zone 3 Highlights

  • Zone 3 comprises 12 mineral claims for a total of 604.6 Ha and is road accessible via gravel forestry service roads that crisscross the project area;
  • Zone 3 is strategically located 6 km from the Lac Guéret property JV of Nouveau Monde Graphite and Mason Graphite;
  • 1.4 km strike length EM conductivity anomaly with potential for a further 1.6 km extension along a prospective interpreted fold hinge;
  • Historical drilling of coarse flake graphite at LG-13-04N included 22.0 m @ 20.91% CG (from 4.40 m in depth) and a secondary zone of 4.50 m @ 7.78% CG (from 74.25 m).

Zone 3 Exploration Target
Zone 3 is strategically located 6 km from the Lac Guéret property JV, a collaboration between Nouveau Monde Graphite and Mason Graphite. Green Battery Minerals recently consolidated claims covering the Zone 3 prospect to secure the core of the conductive anomaly where historical drilling intersected high-grade graphite.

The prospect was initially identified in 2003 by SOQUEM and has emerged as a promising electromagnetic (EM) target that has remained underexplored. Zone 3 shares key characteristics with the neighboring Lac Guéret property and the Company’s Zone 1 resource (Figure 1). The 1.4 km by 200 m conductivity anomaly extends southward displaying an apparent fold structure as the potential to thicken and concentrate graphite mineralization within hinge. Mapped thrust faults bound the conductor which when combined with inferred folding imply favorable conditions for thickening and thrust duplication of graphite mineralization (Figure 2).

Historical exploration involved mechanical excavation and drilling. High grade graphite concentrations of up to 40-60% are reported for samples from two drillholes: however, records for these holes are incomplete. Reliable exploration from drilling in 2013 confirmed Zone 3 potential including the near surface 22.0 m @ 20.91% Cgr and 4.5 m @ 7.78% Cgr detailed in Table 1 below.

“We are excited to focus on the exploration journey at our under-explored Zone 3 Prospect, and are encouraged to expedite advancing Zone 3 exploration by the anchor results presented by historical drilling that includes 22.0 m @ 20.91% graphite (“Cgr”) from surface!” Mr. Yingling continued, “The 2023 confirmation of subsurface conductivity anomalism, coupled with historical results, including historical assays up to 27.8% Cgr at shallow depths, underscores the high potential of Zone 3. Moreover, we’ve just scratched the surface at Zone 3, having explored only a small portion of the 3km anomalous trend. The substantial area of the airborne geophysical anomaly presents an extensive target zone wherein the 2023 ground geophysics defines two high interest conductive targets lineaments, one of which is developed along strike from the high-grade historical drill intercept. In 2024 we will move quickly to expose more outcrop and drill to validate the extent of graphite mineralization at Zone 3 with a view to adding resource at Zone 3 to the Zone 1 resource so as to define the basis for a future hub and spoke graphite production project.”

Tom Yingling, President and CEO of GEM, commented on the success of the field exploration and the prospects generated at Zone 3
Table 1: Assay results from LG-13-04N as described by Caron, Y., 2013(2)GM 68992.
Figure 1: Berkwood Graphite Project EM Conductivity anomalism and Land Package Zones, Quebec.
Figure 2: Green battery minerals projects at Zone 3, Zone 6 and Zone 1 scale comparison with the Lac Guéret project (Cassoff et al., 2018)  (3).

2023 Prospecting and EM Conductivity ground geophysics

In July 2023, Green Battery Minerals further defined targets at Zone 3 using ground MAG/EM beep mat tool. Led by Laurentia Exploration the site investigations focused along strike from historical workings and confirmed anomalies at nine locations and included definition of a 200m strike extension northward from historical drillhole LG-13-04N (Figure 3).

Rock sampling was completed from exposed outcrop at three locations approximately 250 m north of LG-13-04N. The localized natural clearing exposed coarse graphite outcrops which were sampled along a continuous trend of 50 m along strike around 2004 trenching and drilling. Laboratory results are pending and are expected to confirm the tenor of graphite mineralization along the defined strike of the subsurface conductivity anomaly.

Figure 3: Details of graphitic rock chip samples and conductivity anomaly locations at the Zone 3 prospect.
Figure 4: A) Laurentia Exploration staff at exposed outcrops of Graphite at Zone 3, B) Graphite chip samples, C) Exposed, oxidized graphite.

Next Steps
Building on the successful exploration strategy at Zone 1 and Zone 6, our next steps at Zone 3 will continue with systematic ground confirmation along conductor trends, leveraging our successful approach from previous zones. The company intends to include stripping and channel sampling to refine the understanding of structural setting of those graphite-rich horizons. This critical groundwork will pave the way for the next phase of exploration drilling: success at Zone 3 will complement the known resources at Zones 1 and 6 and move the Berkwood Project towards a critical resource threshold which could support shallow mine development for coarse natural graphite production.

Green Battery Metal Critical Minerals Property Portfolio:

  • Berkwood Graphite Project – Quebec. Graphite Project
  • Jupiter – Quebec. Lithium Pegmatite (LCT) prospect
  • Stallion – British Columbia. Copper Porphyry, Epithermal Au+Ag prospect
  • Boudrias – Quebec. Nickel Copper (PGE) prospect

About the Berkwood Graphite Project
The Berkwood Graphite Project is located within the jurisdiction of Quebec, in the Manicouagan Regional County Municipality, three hours driving time from the city of Baie-Comeau. Easy access is provided via a major secondary road and numerous tertiary and forest roads that traverse the property.

The Zone 1 resource lies 8 km southwest of Nouveau Monde’sdeposit which has a $3.5 billion NPV on it. The Companies Zone 1 resource, and that of Nouveau Monde, share many similar geological characteristics, with the Zone 1 resource being of exceptionally high grade and coarse flake size by global standards.

The current mineral resource at the Berkwood Graphite Project includes in-pit constrained resource totalling 1,755,300 tonnes of indicated resources at 17.00 % Cgr and 1,526,400 tonnes in inferred resources at 16.39 % Cgr.

Table 2: In-pit Resource at Lac Gueret South Project (rounded numbers)
Current Resources (as of June 17th, 2019)

Minerals Resources
(% Cgr)
Cgr (t)Cut off

The mineral resource estimates above are described in the technical report entitled, NI 43-101 Technical Report Mineral Resource Estimate on the Lac Gueret South Graphite Property, Quebec, Canada. With an Effective date of June 30th, 2019, by Edward Lyons, PGeo., Florent Baril, ing., and Claude Duplessis, ing.

Link to Report:

QAQC Comments: All samples were collected by typical field methods according to CIM best practices, selected samples were collected by representative rock chips into numbered samples bags. A total of five (5) samples (including 1 blank and 1 standard) were shipped to ALS Canada Ltd. In Val-d’Or. They were prepared (PREP-31a) and analyzed by the lab for carbon (graphite; C-IR18) and for total carbon and total sulphide (ME-IR08). The standard used is an Oreas 723 (5.87 % graphitic carbon). Sample analysis results are not yet available.

The historical data presented in this release is derived from public domain reports, the results have not been verified by the author, no subsequent drilling has been completed to confirm the drilled intersections of graphite from LG-13-04N.


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    N.B. ‘Secteur 4’ trenching and drilling (9 holes) is described; however, results were not reported for the Zone 3 area (Secteur 4).
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  4. Bagrianski, A., 2003; Report on a Halicopter-borne Time Domain Electromagnetic Geophysical Survey. Block A and B, Reservoir Manicouagan Area, Quebec.

Qualified Person: Maxime Bouchard, Geo., M.Sc., (OGQ #1752) of Laurentia Exploration Inc. (3415, rue de l’Énergie Jonquière, Québec G7X 0J6), an independent Qualified Person as defined by Canadian NI 43-101 standards, has reviewed, and approved the geological information reported in this news release.

About the Company: Green Battery Minerals is managed by a team with over 150 years collectively with a proven track record of not just finding numerous mines but building and operating them too. The Green Battery Mineral management team’s most recent success is discovering the Berkwood graphite resource in Northern Quebec. Green Battery Mineral owns this asset 100 percent, and the Company’s shareholders will benefit from this asset as the demand for Graphite for electric vehicles increases significantly.

On Behalf of the Board of Directors
Green Battery Minerals lnc. 

‘Thomas Yingling’

President, CEO & Director

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