Investing in the Future: Day 2 of The Mining Investment EVENT of the North

June 5, 2024

THE Mining Investment EVENT of the North

By Jamie Hyland

Québec City, QC – The Centre des congrès de Québec is buzzing with activity as Day 2 of The Mining Investment EVENT of the North unfolds, solidifying its reputation as Canada’s premier Tier I Global Mining Investment Conference. The day, dedicated to Critical Metals, is set to highlight the significant role these resources play in the modern economy, particularly as the world shifts towards greener technologies.

A Day Focused on Critical Metals

Day 2 of the event, aptly named “Critical Metals Day,” commenced with a keynote address by Pierre Fitzgibbon, Québec’s Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy. Fitzgibbon’s speech, which underscored the importance of critical metals in the global economy, set an optimistic tone for the day. He emphasized Québec’s strategic initiatives to position itself as a leader in the mining sector, particularly in the extraction and processing of critical and battery metals essential for the green transition.

The morning sessions featured an array of company presentations and insightful panels. Geoff Smith, VP of Corporate Development at Denison Mines Corp., kicked off the presentations by discussing the company’s strategic focus on uranium, a critical component in the nuclear energy sector. Following him, Michael White, CFO of Piedmont Lithium Inc., highlighted the company’s efforts in sustainable lithium production, crucial for electric vehicle batteries.

A standout session was the Indigenous Business Panel, moderated by Armand Mackenzie. This discussion brought together Ian Lafrenière, Québec’s Minister of Indigenous Affairs, and Gilbert Dominique, Chief of the Pekuakamiulnuatsh First Nation, among others. The panelists explored the integration of indigenous perspectives and rights in mining operations, advocating for stronger partnerships and more inclusive growth strategies.

As attendees moved to the lunch panel, they were treated to a buffet and a discussion led by Gary Stanley, Managing Director of Global Mineral Strategies. The panel focused on the Québec Critical Metals Pipeline and featured prominent figures such as Ian Morissette, Associate Deputy Minister of Mines & Forests, and Mandy Gull-Masty, Grand Chief of the Cree Nation. Their dialogue delved into Québec’s extensive critical metals projects and the province’s long-term vision for sustainable mining.

Post-lunch, the conference continued with more presentations from leading companies in the critical metals sector. Carl Caumartin, President and CEO of Winsome Resources Ltd., shared the company’s latest advancements in lithium exploration, while Tim Crossley of Adyton Resources Corp. discussed innovative approaches in mining operations that enhance efficiency and sustainability.

One of the afternoon’s key panels, “Securing the Critical Minerals Supply Chain,” moderated by Michael White of IBK Capital, was a particular draw. Experts from Brunswick Exploration, Canada Nickel, and Lithium Universe discussed the challenges and opportunities in establishing a reliable supply chain for critical minerals, vital for meeting the growing demand in technology and energy sectors.

The final sessions of the day did not disappoint. Terrence Ortslan of TSO Associates led a thought-provoking panel on the geopolitical implications of mining. With insights from John Price of Americas Market Intelligence and Gary Stanley of Global Mineral Strategies, the discussion touched on how current geopolitical trends could impact mining investments and operations globally.

As the formal sessions concluded, attendees looked forward to the evening’s networking events. The Sponsor Cocktail Networking Event, held in the Salon Diamanté Lounge, provided a relaxed atmosphere for participants to engage with industry leaders, investors, and government officials. The day was capped off with THE After Dark Event at the Loggia, a social gathering designed to foster connections in a more informal setting.

Throughout the day, THE Event’s commitment to sustainability and innovation was evident. The unique Student Sponsorship and SHE-Co Initiatives were frequently highlighted, showcasing efforts to promote diversity, equality, and the next generation of mining professionals. These programs aim to bridge the gap between education and industry, ensuring that the sector remains vibrant and inclusive.

Day 2 of The Mining Investment EVENT of the North has been a testament to the dynamic and forward-thinking nature of the mining industry. With critical metals at the forefront, the discussions and presentations have underscored the sector’s pivotal role in the global economy. As the day drew to a close, attendees left with new insights, stronger connections, and a renewed sense of purpose in advancing sustainable mining practices.

The conference continues tomorrow with Explorers & Developers Day, promising another round of engaging sessions and networking opportunities. Stay tuned for more updates from Québec City.

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