IronRidge Resources sees positive results at Ghana lithium portfolio

September 26, 2019

Drilling and exploration update reveals multiple new pegmatite zones at Cape Coast Lithium portfolio in Ghana, West Africa, with the company heading towards a maiden mineral resource estimate for Q1 2020.

IronRidge Resources has announced some positive news from their current drilling and exploration work across their Cape Coast lithium portfolio in Ghana, West Africa

The company, who have a number of gold and lithium projects in Africa under development, have announced they’ve completed 8000m of their 13,200 planned third phase reverse circulation (RC) drilling programme.

New pegmatites found

In addition to intersecting multiple visual spodumene (spodumene is the lithium-bearing mineral found in the form lithium aluminium inosilicate) bearing pegmatite (an igneous rock with large crystals) zones at the Ewoyaa North, Ewoyaa North-East and Abonko locations, IronRidge also report finding new pegmatites. Specifically:

New Ndasiman, Kaampakrom and Krofo pegmatite discovery locations relative to known Ewoyaa and Abonko deposits.

A new coarse spodumene bearing pegmatite discovered in outcrop and trenching at the Kaampakrom target 1km north of resource drilling at Ewoyaa, with over 250m strike and possible extensions to 500m. Drill access and prospecting drill pads completed at the Kaampakrom target; drilling imminent.

New pegmatite discovery at the Ndasiman target approximately 10km west of Ewoyaa; trenching defines 700m strike and up to 100m apparent width. No visible spodumene has been observed in trenching, however the pegmatites are strongly weathered. Channel sampling has been completed along the trenches with assays pending

New pegmatite discovery at the Krofo target approximately 3km north-west of Ewoyaa; trenching defines 400m strike and up to 25m apparent width. No visible spodumene has been recorded at Krofo, however amblygonite, a high-grade lithium fluorophosphate mineral has been identified in outcrop. This is considered geologically significant as it potentially indicates an evolved and zoned lithium pegmatite field.

New Kaampakrom and Krofo pegmatite locations within structural target corridors, with pitting and drilling completed to date over the Ewoyaa and Abonko projects on topography background image.
Coarse, blocky spodumene pegmatite outcrop exposed in trenching at the new Kaampakrom target; photo taken looking north-west across valley towards westernmost trench in background (left), and coarse spodumene crystals in outcrop at Kaampakrom with geopick for scale (right). 

Commenting on the methodology the company has used, Len Kolff, Chief Operating Officer of IronRidge, stated that it was their regional soils programme including in-house laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) and the ue of portable X-ray fluorescence (pXRF) combined with the regional airborne magnetics survey and field mapping that has made these targeted discoveries possible.

Further commenting on IronRidge’s investment in their local team, Len stated “The Ghana field team has done a great job in advancing the resource drilling programme and the exploration pipeline through diligent, staged field work where results demonstrate further exploration upside within the Cape Coast lithium portfolio.”

While this is all great news from the field – validating the approach the company is taking, it’s that maiden resource estimate due in Q1 that we will be staying tuned for.

About IronRidge Resources

IronRidge Resources is an African focused, diversified minerals exploration company that creates shareholder value through the discovery, development and monetisation of mineral projects through African operational, exploration and studies expertise, large-scale contiguous tenure positions and an emphasis on geological and/or jurisdictional frontier provinces. We have recently made significant discoveries in the lithium and gold exploration sectors. Our Ghanaian Cape Coast Lithium Project has initially delivered exciting and potentially world class lithium grades and drill intersections, whilst in Chad, we have uncovered a substantial gold bearing province with a surface footprint rivaling some of today’s largest operating gold mines

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