Jason Stirbinskis of Andes Resources, talks about their drilling programme in Colombia

At Mines and Money London we got a few minutes with Jason Stirbinskis, the MD of Andes Resources to find out what his company has been up to in Colombia. Colombia is a country that has fallen behind other areas of South America in terms of mining and Jason explains why that has happened and how positive changes in Colombia’s government have allowed junior mining companies to move in when previously this may have been too risky.

It sounds like a very exciting time for Andes, with a drilling programme kicking off in their 800km2 portfolio. First results are coming in with some surprising, yet positive results which have caught their geologists off guard. What does it take to embarrass a geologist? Watch the interview and find out.

Jason also gives us an insight into the positive side of working in Colombia:

“We’re well and truly entrenched in the local economy and community. That’s very important in Columbia, as it is elsewhere. What better way to do that than to have members of that community working for you and for Andes to be an active contributor socially and economically. It’s worked wonders for us!”

About Andes Resources
Incorporated in November 2013, Andes Resources Limited (Andes) is an unlisted public company focused on the discovery of economic gold and base metal projects in Colombia suitable for underground mining development. Colombia is geologically unique having a triple-plate junction where 3 tectonic plates coalesce under the country. This makes it one of the most diverse and prospective countries in Latin America and possibly the world.

You can find out more about their ongoing projects on their website.

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