Mining Investment Europe 2018 – In Review

June 19, 2018

13th June 2018 – Reporting from the Westin Grand Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Spire Events team welcomed MiningIR as a formal media partner to the second Mining Investment Europe meeting.

The event attracted seasoned mining professionals, academics and finance analysts alike to discuss their favourite projects and the state of the industry. The meeting was modest in size, but that didn’t hinder the quality of discussion. In fact all of the speakers agreed, it was a great sign for regional investors.

Claude Bejet of the Swiss Mining Institute said:

We’re here because we know the exceptional money making potential in the markets at the moment, the less of us who know about it, the better. If we get in now, before the spectators catch on in Europe, we’ll make a fortune

Hernan Vera from HG mining tells us about their new projects in South America
Hernan Vera from HG mining tells us about their new projects in South America

Phillip Andrews from Pridolian presented their company’s early stage projects in Greenland and Namibia.

Pridolian are a private exploration group who focus on Titanium and Vanadium. Their Greenland prospect is exceptionally located for seabourne shipping and access, with the ore being exposed at the coast and extending across a deep bay.

Eric Olo from Finsurex (the event’s primary sponsor) presented their group’s exploration updates from Nigeria. Finsurex have launched some impressive community engagement projects, including a charitable foundation and series of stakeholder engagements.

See our discussion with Eric here to find out more:

YouTube video

The panel discussions covered a broad range of topics. Uranium had hit a low point that week, so dominated the questions as investors scouted for undervalued projects.

Recommendations were mixed and yielded some interesting points. It was proposed that in this time of uncertainty, less traditional ‘high-risk’ jurisdictions, may actually be safer bets than the classic mining powers. While Canada faces Greenpeace and it’s First Nations protests, Trump dictates to the USA and South Africa hits health and safety barriers, an adventure into a new region could see big short term gains.

A long-term regime with predictable practices like Kyrgystan, or an (re)emerging market like Mozambique who are acyively seeking companies to aid their law making process may offer more predictability.

Not to mention, some projects are proposing $25/lb Uranium production costs, making them a no brainer is the legal framework can be ironed out.

Phillip Sandner talks about the blockchain revolution in mining
Phillip Sandner (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management) educates us all in a popular talk on the blockchain revolution.

Junior mining’s biggest risk at this time, said the panel, was being shorted by day traders before achieving their targets. Companies need to invest in good media and investor engagement to promote to long-term and experienced investors if they’re going to weather the storm.

Later during the event, Willem Middelkoop (founder of the Commodity Discovery Fund), said this year would be all about battery metals.

Lithium should stay high, until proposed production facilities come online to meet demand, then watch out for the drop!

He also discussed silver, saying it had always historically outperformed gold in volatile markets.

Round table discussions ended the first day, summarsing and sharing our thoughts on proceedings
Round table discussions ended the first day, summarsing and sharing our thoughts on proceedings

The final panel discussed PGM prospects. They’re currently thought to be undervalued de to recent diesel engine scandals, but could bounce back. PGM are important in Japanese fuel cell technology, a big rival to EV that has yet avoided a lot of media attention. If significant advances are made, expect huge and sudden demand from manufacturers, but beware, this may not come!

You can hear from some of the speakers on our Mining Investment youtube playlist.


We look forward to seeing you all at the next Spire Meeting!

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Liam Hardy & Megan Chandler from the MiningIR media team attended the Mining Investment Europe conference in Frankfurt.

Photos are hosted here in web quality, please contact the MiningIR team if you would like to use or reproduce the originals



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