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Podcast: Peter Ledwidge of Mako Gold talks about exploring for gold in West Africa

April 22, 2019

The Dig Deep mining podcast is produced by Rob Tyson, an experienced mining recruiter/head-hunter with over 10 years in the mining industry. Rob’s mission for his podcast is to discuss, educate and talk about mining industry news and hot topics.

In this latest edition, Rob talks to Peter Ledwidge, the managing director for Mako Gold who are exploring and developing assets in West Africa. The company was created in 2015 and has had significant success making 3 discoveries in 3 years.

Rob and Peter discuss the success of Mako Gold and its plans moving forward. For a fascinating insight into the world of gold explorers listen in.

Podcast highlights

How are you developing as a company?

  • We are currently developing 2 flagship projects after reviewing many possibilities.
  • We have been able to move quickly as our previous crew have come back to work with us.
  • We have been able to achieve significant results making 3 discoveries in 3 years.
  • One of the projects began from a greenfield site, we have undertaken all aspects of the work required and are particularly proud of being able to do this.
  • From the holes we have drilled the results that have come back have been outstanding and we think we have the potential for high-grade deposits.

What are  Mako’s reasons for exploring in West Africa and what are the specific challenges?

  • One of the reasons is the artisan miners who are working in this area. If they are mining in the area you know the geology is good and will support deeper drilling but if we can find something shallow then it’s very attractive for investment.

What’s your strategy to grow shareholder value?

  • We have already grown it considerably and de-risked. We are methodical but fast in our procedures and complete everything that is required such as sampling to a high standard and you add value to the company by getting the drills turning.
  • Being methodical and moving quickly means our investors get a return quickly which is what all investors want.

What are your plans over the next year?

  • We are aggressively drilling, and people are interested in what we are doing.
  • This is giving us a great opportunity to form new associations moving forward.

Find out more about Mako Gold on their website.

Get more episodes of the Dig Deep Podcast here – https://omny.fm/shows/dig-deep-the-mining-podcast To get in touch with Rob and find out more about Mining International Ltd, his leading mining recruitment and headhunting business then head to his website www.mining-international.org

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James Hyland, MiningIR