Premier Global Mining Conference Kicks Off in Québec City

June 4, 2024

Mining Investment EVENT of the North

by Jamie Hyland

Québec City, June 4, 2024 — The much-anticipated Mining Investment EVENT of the North commenced today at the Centre des congrès de Québec. This premier, invitation-only conference, renowned as Canada’s only Tier I global mining investment event, brings together a prestigious array of over 100 participating mining companies, international investors, and government authorities to discuss and shape the future of the mining industry.

Opening Remarks and Keynote Sessions

The day began with opening remarks from Joanne Jobin, CEO and Founder of THE Event, who set the stage for a day filled with insightful presentations and engaging discussions. The initial keynote address was delivered by Sean Roosen, Chair and CEO of Osisko Development. Roosen’s speech, titled “Striking Gold: Setting the Stage for Canada to Champion a New Age in Mining Amid Growing Metals Deficits and Geopolitical Shifts – Will We Answer?”, highlighted the pressing need for Canada to lead in the global mining sector amidst current challenges.

Joanne Jobin, CEO and Founder of THE Event, stated, “THE Event has set a new gold standard for conferences by prioritizing issuers and investors first. It’s not just enough to talk about ESG and diversity; we are committed to doing something about it through our innovative initiatives and sustainable practices.”

Joanne Jobin, CEO and Founder of THE Event

Company Presentations and Panels

The morning sessions featured presentations from leading mining companies such as Glencore Canada, Agnico Eagle Mines Limited, Wheaton Precious Metals, and Hecla Mining Company. Each company provided updates on their operations, strategies, and future outlooks.

A highlight of the morning was “THE Power Panel”, moderated by Daniella Dimitrov, Director and Mining Executive. The panel included prominent figures like Nicole Adshead Bell of Cupel Advisory, Tamara Brown of Oberon Capital, and Angelina Mehta of Rio Tinto, who discussed critical industry issues and shared their insights on navigating the complexities of the mining sector.

Focused Discussions on Mining Innovations

Post the panel discussion, presentations continued with insights from companies such as IAMGOLD Corporation, Aya Gold & Silver Inc., and Allied Gold Corporation. Each session provided a platform for CEOs and executives to share their latest developments and strategic initiatives.

Frank Holmes, CEO of US Global Investors, delivered a keynote on “Government Policies as a Precursor to Change,” emphasizing the impact of regulatory environments on mining operations and investment opportunities.

Buffet Luncheon and Networking Opportunities

A buffet luncheon offered attendees the chance to network and engage in discussions. The “Legendary Panel” during lunch, moderated by Holmes, featured industry stalwarts like Peter Marrone of Allied Gold and Robert Wares of Osisko Metals, who shared their perspectives on the evolving landscape of mining investments.

Afternoon Sessions and Panels

The afternoon was packed with presentations from leading companies such as Osisko Development Corp., Amex Exploration Inc., and Tudor Gold Corp. Maria Smirnova of Sprott Asset Management moderated a panel on “Investment Catalysts in Today’s Climate,” featuring experts like Michael Gentile of Bastion Asset Management and David Rhodes of Endeavour Financial, who explored key drivers and opportunities in the current investment climate.

Subsequent sessions included discussions on the future of royalties, with contributions from Alexandra Woodyer-Sherron of Empress Royalty and David Garofalo of Gold Royalty Corp.

Concluding Presentations and Gala Event

The day’s formal sessions concluded with presentations from EMX Royalty Corporation, Gold Royalty Corp, and Empress Royalty Corp, each providing a glimpse into their operational successes and strategic visions. Québec’s Minister of Mines & Forestry, Maïté Blanchette Vézina, offered concluding remarks, underscoring the province’s commitment to supporting sustainable mining practices and innovation.

The day wrapped up with THE Sponsors Gala Networking Event & Casino at the Salon Diamanté Lounge, a highly anticipated social event that offered a relaxed atmosphere for attendees to forge new connections and discuss potential collaborations.

Commitment to Sustainability and Innovation

THE Event is not just about investment and business; it is deeply committed to promoting sustainability within the mining industry. Initiatives like the Student Sponsorship and SHE-Co (Sustainable, Harmonious, and Equitable Communities) are central to the conference’s mission, aiming to educate and innovate towards a more sustainable future.

The first day of THE Mining Investment Event of the North has set a high standard, combining comprehensive industry insights with invaluable networking opportunities. As the event continues, participants look forward to further exploring the intersection of innovation, investment, and sustainability in the global mining industry.

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