Quantum Battery Metals Begins Preparation of Exploration Plan for Lithium Property Lac Mistumis

August 3, 2022

Quantum Battery Metals Corp.


Quantum Battery Metals Corp. announced that in connection with the acquisition of Lac Mistumis, the company is looking to prepare a satellite survey to be conducted over the Lac Mistumis lithium property prior to the deployment of the ground crew. The company has seen the effectiveness of initiating a satellite survey as the first phase of its exploration plan from previous programs.

The company will implement the airborne survey once the acquisition of the property is finalized. With the use of the satellite survey, the company will approximately pinpoint the location of possible anomalies to look into while continuing their 2022 exploration program. Quantum is looking to finalize the Lac Mistumis plan before Fall 2022 in which another run-through of the Quebec lithium properties is planned to be executed. Additionally, a more-extensive geologic mapping program will be implemented throughout the project areas as the Lac Mistumis property historically has been underdeveloped compared to its prospective value.

The Lac Mistumis property proximity to the Alba and Kelso properties and other major lithium properties allows the company to work on the properties at an improved cost base and will ease further development of the property.

“A satellite survey helps serve as the preliminary step to implementing a stable exploration program as it becomes the catalyst to potentially finding anomalies that might be overlooked. The ground crew will use the satellite survey to navigate through the property to find the approximate locations to grab vital samples from. Quantum is at a crucial point in its history where we have a streak of positive news regarding our properties, and we would like to keep up the momentum by acquiring new properties and creating a secure exploration program by assessing our properties to its fullest potential,” states David Greenway, Director.

For more information, please contact, Andrew Sostad, CEO and Director at (604) 629-2936 or email [email protected]

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