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Quantum Battery Metals Pursues Growth In EV Metals Portfolio

October 28, 2022

Quantum Battery Metals Corp.


Quantum Battery Metals Corp. announces that it is actively searching for further Lithium and Cobalt properties within North America. As the Company enters the 2022 4th quarter, management has received several proposals from third parties to work with the Company. Due to the increased demand of electric vehicles and technology requiring lithium batteries and the influx of interest in Quantum, the Company believes it is best to continue its expansive plan to outreach and obtain more lithium and cobalt properties for its portfolio. The Company already has three lithium and three cobalt properties that are active and being currently explored thoroughly. Quantum expects to continue its streak of exploration plans leading into the 2023 spring season.

The shortages of electric battery raw materials are projected throughout the world to happen by 2027 following a shortage of EV batteries. The increase of EV production plants and the advancement of technology for processing the EV batteries will only hasten the time before there’s a scarcity of raw materials. With an increase of 42.5% of annual sales of electric vehicles in Canada from 2020 to 2021, it is certain that electric vehicles will be the standard going forward.

Quantum Battery’s plan is to acquire several more properties by the end of next year to guarantee the possibility of becoming a large raw battery metals supplier. The Company is drafting their plan for 2023’s expansive exploration program and plans to use all 6 of their properties to its fullest potential.

“The Company is gearing towards larger plans in the next upcoming quarter. We have seen a successful 2022 exploration program and have proven we can handle several properties at a time through proper budgeting and time management. We are looking to acquire more Lithium and Cobalt Properties within Quebec and Ontario respectively but are certainly open to acquiring any battery metal projects within an ethical sourced region,” states Marc Momeni, CEO.


“Marc Momeni”
Marc Momeni, CEO and Director
Contact Information:
400 – 837 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6C 3N6
Phone: 604.629.2936

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