Resourcing Tomorrow 2023 Day 2: Exploring, Sourcing, Financing and Supplying the Critical Minerals Required to Resource Tomorrow

November 29, 2023

Resourcing Tomorrow 2023

by James Hyland, MiningIR

James Hyland – Updated 29 November 2023 21:30 GMT

Resourcing Tomorrow 2023, a flagship event in the resource and mining industry, continued its exciting journey on November 29, 2023, with a focus on “Exploring, Sourcing, Financing, and Supplying the Critical Minerals Required to Resource Tomorrow.”

Day 2 of the conference, as outlined on the official website (, was packed with compelling sessions, distinguished speakers, and invaluable networking opportunities. Here’s a closer look at the highlights of this transformative day:

Ministerial Keynote: Nusrat Ghani, Minister of State at the Department for Business and Trade, United Kingdom

The day kicked off with a ministerial keynote address by Nusrat Ghani, the Minister of State at the Department for Business and Trade, Minister of State for the Investment Security Unit, and Minister for Industry and Economic Security in the United Kingdom. Her address undoubtedly set the stage for the day, highlighting the UK’s commitment to fostering a robust resource and mining sector.

An insightful panel discussion followed, delving into the implications of the EU Critical Minerals Act. President Von Der Leyen’s announcement of this act during her 2022 State of the Union speech marked a significant step in addressing the EU’s dependency on imported critical raw materials.

The panelists engaged in critical discussions surrounding various aspects of the Act, including government initiatives to secure critical raw materials, investment strategies, and the Act’s alignment with sustainability goals. Comparisons with the US Inflation Reduction Act and discussions on achieving circularity in the raw materials value chain were also part of this enlightening panel.

Ministerial Keynotes from Yukon and British Columbia

The conference was graced by two important ministerial keynotes. The Hon. Ranj Pillai, Premier of the Government of Yukon, and Hon. Josie Osborne, Minister from British Columbia, shared their insights into the resource potential of their respective regions. Their addresses shed light on the contribution of Canadian provinces to the global resource landscape.

A critical challenge facing the mining industry is the extended timeline from exploration to production. The Keynote Panel led by Michael Pickersgill of Torys LLP delved into innovative approaches to accelerate this process. Topics included the timing of project greenlighting, effective technology utilization, collaboration strategies, and financing solutions.

Ministerial Address from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Eng. Turki Al-Babtain, H.E. Deputy Minister of Mining Development from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, took the stage to provide valuable insights into Saudi Arabia’s role in the global mining industry.

Mining Spotlight: Discovery Group and Minera Alamos

Two mining companies, ValOre Metals and Minera Alamos, were in the spotlight to showcase their development and production efforts in gold mining in Mexico. Their presentations highlighted the practical application of mining techniques and sustainable practices.

Keynote Panel: Grasping the Circularity Opportunity

The circular economy has gained prominence as a way to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact. The panel explored the mining industry’s role in embracing circularity, addressing topics such as changing perspectives on mining, business models, and the critical role of renewable energy solutions in achieving circularity goals.

Ontario Mining Showcase

Ontario’s critical minerals, essential for the electric vehicle revolution, took center stage. The province’s Minister of Mines, Hon. George Pirie, and industry leaders discussed Ontario’s Critical Minerals Strategy and upcoming projects, emphasizing the region’s significance in the global resource market.

Mines and Money Pitch Battle

The day featured an exciting competition where mining projects pitched their ventures to investors. The Base Metals Mining Pitch Battle saw three projects competing for investor attention, providing a platform for innovation and investment in the industry.

Base Metals Mining Pitch Battle

Panel Discussion: Battery Metals Investment Opportunities

Investment opportunities in the battery metals space were discussed in detail. The panel examined investor preferences, resource estimation challenges, the evolving battery composition, geopolitical considerations, and the industry’s readiness to meet increasing demand.

Panel Discussion: AI for Real-time Decision Making in Mining

The application of artificial intelligence in mining operations was a hot topic. The discussion covered AI technologies, steps to implement them, challenges, and the role of AI in improving decision-making processes.

Fireside Chat: Connectivity for Sustainable Mining Operations

The deployment of connectivity solutions for sustainable and efficient mining operations was explored. Topics included asset management, infrastructure cost reduction, improved safety and security, and the potential for automation.

Keynote Panel: Mining For Purpose and Socio-Economic Change

The challenges of managing relationships with stakeholders in mining operations were discussed in depth. Panelists addressed effective stakeholder engagement, dealing with disputes, clarifying goals, and the role of governments in facilitating positive change.

Women in Mining UK and Beacon Events Delegate Networking Reception

The day concluded with a networking reception sponsored by Women in Mining UK and Beacon Events. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with industry peers, exchange knowledge, and build lasting partnerships in a relaxed and inclusive environment.

Day 2 of Resourcing Tomorrow 2023 provided a comprehensive view of the challenges and opportunities in the resource and mining industry, emphasizing the importance of sustainability, innovation, and collaboration in shaping the future of resource resourcing. The insights shared during this event are poised to drive positive change and progress in the industry, setting the stage for a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow.

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James Hyland, MiningIR