Robert Dixon Managing Director of Dundee Goodman Merchant Partners Discusses Financing with MiningIR

December 6, 2021

Robert Dixon brings 18 years of international capital markets experience. Roberts extensive global relationships assists with maintaining relationships with like-minded investors and financial partners.

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Dundee Corporation is an active investor focused on mining with more than 30 years of experience making accretive mining investments. Building long-term relationships and conducting detailed due diligence are at the core of how we make investment decisions and who we partner with.
We are aligned with the interests of issuers and co-investors and bring a disciplined and collaborative investment approach to delivering value from undervalued mining assets.

Goodman & Company is a registered portfolio manager and exempt market dealer across Canada and a registered investment fund manager in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland.

For more info on Dundee Goodman, please go to their website at or contact the company at [email protected]

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