Searching for gold in Nevada a nugget’s throw from Barrick’s Goldrush with NuLegacy

James Anderson, CEO of NuLegacy Gold Corporation takes us through their very exciting 108km2 Red Hill/Iceberg gold property in Nevada, close to Barrick’s Goldrush mining operations.

NuLegacy has already carried out geological mapping and a geophysical survey of the property, and has drilled approximately 150 drill holes. The results of some of that recent drilling has thrown up some very positive news in terms of gold mineralization.

The Carlin-type gold deposits found at Red Hill, whereby the gold is hosted in sediments, means the potential is there for very extensive deposits, hence the stepping-out of the drilling targets which James describes in the interview.

About NuLegacy Gold
NuLegacy are a Vancouver based mining company who are focussed on discovering gold in the Cortez Trend of Nevada.
To find out more about NuLegacy Gold you can visit their website and follow them on Twitter @NuLegacy_Gold



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