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The 2022 Mining Indaba in Cape Town: Unpacking What a Hyve Event Has in Store For You

May 11, 2022

2022 Investing in African Mining Indaba

By Dr Byelongo Elisee Isheloke

You come afar or nearby. The first that grasp your attention in Cape Town today is the mining rendezvous under the theme: Investing in African Mining Indaba.

Delegates came from all the corners of the world. It’s business unusual here. It’s dynamic, professional, and futuristic. All at the same time economically sound. There are business rooted in local mining just as there are multinational companies. Mining is the future for a resource rich country like South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and the DRC as well as a whole lots of other mining destinations the continent has. Mining has a future, says a lady who enthusiastically explains to the MiningIR’s Elisee Isheloke that their company is doing well businesswise.

Anglo-American, Exxaro and DeBeers and many other companies do business and strive. Many new  comers compete for the business space I think the world offers for mining entrepreneurs. What the South African officials have to say? They also support the event and declare that “the South African Economy as whole benefits”. To materialise this aim, the industry needs trained people and the South African Minerals Education Trust Fund (METF) think they have a feasible solution: helping to produce graduates, high level technical skills, such as Mine ventilation, Rock mechanics, Mining geology and Extractive metallurgy deemed necessary for the viability and development of the mineral sector. There are perhaps more to be done to guarantee a better future for this sector and universities, colleges and other training centres should work together to achieve just that.

The Mineral Council of South Africa proudly tells a good story all should hear. Here are in figures some of their milestone achievements:

75% black African students supported 
39% female students supported 
13 to 29 companies involvedFrom 2000 to 2022
238 staff members funded by METFFrom 9 education institutions
6111 undergraduates registered in mining, metallurgical, chemical engineeringMinerals processing and geological sciences guaranteed

Source: Mineral Council South Africa

As you ponder on what the mineral council of South Africa just told you, you encounter people from all walks of lives in this mining Indaba. Mine engineers, business people, machine operators, government officials, researchers, potential clients…and the press.

A colourful event indeed. The level of investment by these mining companies is very high, to judge by outwards circumstances or to judge by the quality of the exhibitions, mining has a lot to offer is regulated and supported.

Interviewed by the MiningIR’s Elisee, the Scharf’s Alan McDonald explains: “A standard Land Cruiser was converted by us to an EV…We have taken out the diesel working in it and 40 kilowatts per hour battery pack, magnet motors… To hear what the Business manager of Unit 1 just said, one can see this EV would help mining companies save on maintenance cost and safety issues. It is a strong EV, one for the future. This commercial vehicle will pave the way to other ambitious inventions here in South Africa where it is made. Less than a dozen for now at a cost of 2.7 to 3 million Rand each. Expensive but worth it! The company looks for partnership and there are many such opportunities unfolding already.

For more on this company, one would visit www.smtscharf.com

Scharf EV put together in South Africa

Scharf EV put together in South Africa

A hyve event indeed it is. Many delegates and business people are yet to join. it’s a day of business, and hopefully one that puts business and win-win opportunities first for the future of good mining works.

Dr Byelongo Elisee Isheloke*

MiningIR Web Journalist

*The author is an Associate Professor at Institut Supérieur Pédagogique & Rector of Université Espoir du Congo (UEC)

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