Unearthing Majuba Hill Copper With Geologist Molly Hunsaker

31 July 2023

Majuba Hill Copper Corp

by James Hyland, MiningIR

In this episode, we delve into the remarkable story of Molly Hunsaker, from Hunsaker Incorporated, whose family’s rediscovery of the Majuba Hill District has sparked copper exploration. Situated northeast of Reno, Nevada, this vast and contiguous land position houses a promising copper, silver, and gold project with an impressive range of extensive mineral and surface rights, including privately owned properties, patented mining claims, and Federal Lode Mining claims. Let’s explore how Majuba Hill Copper has firmly grasped 100% control over this captivating territory, spanning an impressive 15.1 square miles.

Molly is an experienced field geologist and talks us through her journey, working with her father in the family business and the exciting project that they are unearthing at Majuba Hill.


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Unearthing Majuba Hill Copper

The allure of the Majuba Hill District lies in its impressive array of resources, notably copper, silver, and gold. These valuable metals have garnered significant attention due to their ever-increasing demand across various industries. With sustainability at the forefront of global concerns, copper’s significance in renewable energy and electric vehicle production cannot be overstated. Meanwhile, silver’s indispensable role in electronics, solar energy, and medical applications secures its position as a highly sought-after commodity.


Web: https://www.majubahillcopper.com/

Linkedin: Molly Hunsaker

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