Are we facing a shortage of battery metals?

May 9, 2019

A recent announcement from Tesla made headlines around the world, and for once it wasn’t about a new car, or the ego of their CEO, Elon Musk.

Sarah Maryssael, Tesla’s global supply manager for battery metals, told a private meeting in Washington of miners, regulators and others that the company is forecasting a shortage of minerals critical to the production of electric vehicles due to an ongoing underinvestment in the mining sector, according to various sources, and reported by Reuters.

As the move to ‘clean energy’ picks up pace around the globe, Tesla appears concerned that supplies of copper, cobalt, lithium, nickel and other metals could be stretched. 

John Meyer, mining analyst and partner at SP Angel in London, gives an overview of the metals involved, the suppliers, and where some potential bottlenecks could occur. John also gives an insight into how changing battery technology may affect these supplies.

YouTube video

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