Battery Metals Panel Discussion with Paloma Ortiz-Lopez and Avantgarde International

January 13, 2023

Lomiko Metals Inc. | Montero Mining and Exploration | Steinbild Consulting | Eurobattery Minerals AB

by James Hyland, MiningIR

In this panel discussion, we hear a lot about #EnergyTransition, which means moving from a fossil fuel-based energy system to a cleaner, low-carbon one.

Paloma Ortiz-Lopez the founder of Avantgarde International invited four senior executives to provide their point of view around this topic. In the panel we have:

  • Martin Steinbild | Managing Director, Steinbild Consulting
  • Dr Tony Harwood | Founder, President and CEO, Montero Mining and Exploration
  • Roberto Garcia Martinez | CEO, Eurobattery Minerals AB
  • Belinda Labatte | CEO & Director, Lomiko Metals Inc.
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It is a global phenomenon happening worldwide as we move away from coal, oil and gas and towards cleaner forms of energy like solar, wind and hydro. The #mining industry has a crucial role to play in Energy Transition. As per the International Energy Agency, #renewables will account for two-thirds of global power generation by 2030. A lot has been said about the topic, however not always the information comes from #experts .

    This discussion table aims to reach mining executives that would like to understand more about the #BatteryMetals space; #commodities investors that are new to the Battery Metals market and would like to get educated in it; but also the general public that is interested in learning about our market.

    During the conversation we will discuss:

    • Brief introduction to what are Battery Metals
    • Recent history of the market
    • Present situation
    • Battery Metals and ESG
    • What does the future hold?

    For more information on Avantgarde International, you can contact Paloma Ortiz-Lopez at +44 7568 14558 or [email protected] or visit website at

    About Paloma Ortiz-Lopez

    Paloma Ortiz-Lopez is the Managing Director and Principal Consultant at Avantgarde. She is the face behind the business with almost a decade of experience driving results for clients in the mining and resourcing sectors.

    In addition to her experience, Paloma also has many accreditations. She concluded first her studies with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Science and went on to study CIPD Level 7 in Human Resources Management. She went on to build her experience within the industry through various consulting roles, being involved in hands-on projects at sites and most recently as a Regional Manager in other leading firms.

    It was both her background and experience that drove Paloma’s passion and knowledge for matching exceptional candidates to businesses and over the years she has built an impressive network of senior executives. Having worked on different projects at sites in particular provided insights and knowledge most execs wouldn’t have the opportunity to have under their belt. Thus, Avantgarde was born to support businesses by finding the right people.

    Since then, Avantgarde has grown on an international level supporting clients daily in their recruitment endeavours.

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    James Hyland, MiningIR