Day 3: Resourcing Tomorrow 2023: A Pinnacle of Mining Innovation and Collaboration

November 30, 2023

By James Hyland

Day 3 of the Resourcing Tomorrow 2023 conference, held on November 30th in London, marked a significant culmination of insights, discussions, and forward-thinking strategies in the mining sector. The day was packed with influential speakers, engaging panel discussions, and a grand finale pitch battle, all leading to the prestigious to the Resourcing Tomorrow Outstanding Achievement Awards & Gala Dinner at the Honourable Artillery Company.

Tomorrow Outstanding Achievement Awards & Gala Dinner

The day began with Andrew Thake, Divisional Director of Resourcing Tomorrow, setting the stage with opening remarks, emphasizing the importance of innovation and collaboration in mining’s future. This was followed by Fiorella Rivera, Partner at Embellie Advisory, who chaired the first session, focusing on building trust throughout the mining value chain. The panel, led by Geraint Bowden of ERM, included prominent figures like Rohitesh Dhawan from ICMM, Adam Matthews of the Church of England Pension Fund, and others, who discussed practical steps to address misconceptions and build a ‘triangle of trust’ between governments, miners, and investors.

A fireside chat with Mike Hawes from SMMT and Olimpia Pilch of CMIA further delved into the nuances of mining’s role in the broader economic and technological landscape. The subsequent keynote panel, facilitated by Jamie Strauss of Digbee, explored how mining can appeal more to green funds and non-traditional resource investors. Panelists like Pavel Laberko and Nicholas Boyd-Mathews shared insights on ESG adoption in mining and its impact on attracting investments.

The M&A outlook panel, led by Stacy Hope of ERM, featured experts like Morgan Carroll from Endeavour Mining, discussing trends, opportunities, and the role of ESG in M&A activities. Another fireside chat, featuring Adam Matthews and Dr. Rory Sullivan, delved into the new investor commission and the mining sector’s evolving demands.

The day also shone a spotlight on various mining companies, with focused discussions on commodities like copper and rare earths. Sessions led by experts like Alex Christopher from CRU Group and Michael Fox from Prospector News highlighted the future of these critical minerals.

One of the day’s highlights was the Mines and Money Pitch Battle Grand Final hosted by MiningIR’s Alvaro Peralta, where five mining projects vied for the top spot. The panel of judges, including industry veterans like Mark Burridge, David Street, Jonathan Dickson, Bruce Tatters, and Tal Lomnitzer, selected the most promising project, showcasing the innovation and potential within the mining sector. The winner Mines and Money Pitch Battle Grand Final was Atha Energy Corp. and CEO Troy Boisjoli.

Atha Energy Corp. and CEO Troy Boisjoli with MiningIR’s Alvaro Peralta

Andrew Thake closed the conference with remarks that encapsulated the day’s discussions and the future outlook of the mining industry. The day concluded with the Resourcing Tomorrow Outstanding Achievement Awards & Gala Dinner, a celebration of achievements and a networking opportunity for attendees, further solidifying the conference’s role as a pivotal event for driving mining’s future.

In essence, Day 3 of Resourcing Tomorrow 2023 was a testament to the mining industry’s commitment to innovation, collaboration, and sustainable practices, setting a progressive tone for the future of mining.

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James Hyland, MiningIR