Doré Copper Continues to Intersect High-Grade Copper Mineralization From 2022 Infill Drilling Program at Flagship Corner Bay Project

August 12, 2022

Doré Copper Mining Corp.


Doré Copper Mining Corp. has announced the second set of results from its 2022 drilling program of 45,000 meters at its flagship Corner Bay property, located in the Chibougamau mining camp, approximately 40 kilometers by road from Chibougamau, Québec. As of August 10, 2022, Doré Copper has completed 37 holes totaling 36,135 meters and is reporting today the assay results from 14 holes.

This drilling program is part of the feasibility study work to upgrade the Inferred Mineral Resource to the Indicated category. Another infill drilling program of approximately 2,000 meters is planned at Devlin.

Drilling Highlights

Main Vein below dyke

  • CB-22-71: 6.7 meters of 5.41% Cu, 0.45 g/t Au, and 29.7 g/t Ag, including 1.6 meters of 12.14% Cu, 0.10 g/t Au, and 67.6 g/t Ag
  • CB-22-90: 6.2 meters of 3.10% Cu and 10.2 g/t Ag, including 2.8 meters of 6.14% Cu, 0.19 g/t Au, and 20.2 g/t Ag
  • CB-22-69: 3.4 meters of 2.54% Cu, 0.24 g/t Au, 8.6 g/t Ag, and 1,038 ppm Mo

Main Vein above dyke

  • CB-22-84: 3.0 meters of 3.39% Cu, 25.2 g/t Ag, and 419 ppm Mo
  • CB-22-89: 4.6 meters of 2.54% Cu, 20.3 g/t Ag, and 346 ppm Mo

Ernest Mast, President and CEO of Doré Copper, commented, “The second set of assay results from the infill drilling program at Corner Bay continue to confirm the continuity of the copper mineralization. In addition, a representative bulk sample of ¼ core is being shipped to a supplier’s facility in the United States for additional ore sorting tests. This is to confirm the sorter performance that was reported in the PEA and to produce material for additional communition, flotation and geochemical testwork.”

Corner Bay Drilling Program

The 2022 drilling program is designed to infill the Corner Bay deposit at a 50 to 60 meter spacing from surface to a depth of 1,000 meters. From today’s results, six holes intersected the Main Vein above the dyke and the remaining eight holes intersected the Main Vein below the dyke, with three holes intersecting the East Vein with lower grade copper mineralization. The results are continuing to confirm the continuity of the copper mineralization for the Main Vein above and below the dyke (Figure 1 and Table 1).

Corner Bay Deposit

In the Preliminary Economic Assessment announced on May 10, 2022, the Mineral Resource estimate (“MRE”) for Corner Bay contains an Indicated Resource of 2.68 Mt at 2.66% Cu and 0.26 g/t Au containing 157 million pounds of copper and 22,000 ounces of gold and an Inferred Resource of 5.86 Mt at 3.43% Cu and 0.27 g/t Au containing 443 million pounds of copper and 51,000 ounces of gold, based on a cut-off grade of 1.3% Cu and a copper price of US$3.75 per pound (refer to Technical Report dated June 15, 2022)1. The Corner Bay deposit contains significant silver and molybdenum which have not been included in the prior MREs. The feasibility study will include the addition of silver and molybdenum as by-products.

The Corner Bay deposit is hosted by the intrusive Lac Doré Complex on the southern flank of the Chibougamau anticline. A regional north-northeastern diorite dyke also cuts the area. Several significant shear zones oriented north-south and northwest-southeast have been identified in the area. The Corner Bay area is characterized by copper porphyry style mineralization and by copper mineralization in shear zones commonly associated with dykes related to the Chibougamau Pluton.

Figure 1. Long Section of the Corner Bay Deposit Showing the 2022 Drill Results

Table 1. Corner Bay Recent Drill Assays Highlights from the 2022 Drill Program

Hole From (m) To


Width1 (m) Cu (%) Au (g/t) Ag (g/t) Mo (ppm) Zone
CB-22-65 991.8 993.5 1.7 3.63 0.37 15.3 1,060 MV below dyke
1,007.6 1,010.4 2.8 1.42 0.38 6.5 452 MV below dyke
CB-22-69 1,027.4 1,030.8 3.4 2.54 0.24 8.6 1,038 MV below dyke
CB-22-71 924.0 930.7 6.7 5.41 0.45 29.7 209 MV below dyke
Including 929.1 930.7 1.6 12.14 0.10 67.6 86
CB-22-72 1,070.6 1,073.0 2.4 1.29 0.15 4.5 218 MV below dyke
CB-22-73 684.4 685.6 1.2 1.15 0.09 MV above dyke
CB-22-80 987.5 989.4 1.9 1.93 0.22 6.9 403 MV below dyke
CB-22-81 593.3 595.1 1.8 0.54 0.14 6.0 111 MV above dyke
CB-22-84 658.1 661.1 3.0 3.39 0.22 25.2 419 MV above dyke
Including 658.8 660.2 1.4 7.17 0.46 52.9 888
868.4 869.5 1.1 2.03 0.09 6.4 384 East Vein
CB-22-85 981.4 984.5 3.1 1.56 0.20 5.1 549 MV below dyke
CB-22-87 554.0 555.5 1.5 1.18 0.2 15.9 887 MV above dyke
565.8 568.0 2.2 1.21 0.19 12.0 75 MV above dyke
CB-22-88 1,128.0 1,129.6 1.6 1.48 0.09 5.6 359 MV below dyke
CB-22-89 704.5 709.1 4.6 2.54 0.12 20.3 346 MV above dyke
CB-22-90 1,006.3 1,012.5 6.2 3.10 0.10 10.2 161 MV below dyke
Including 1,008.7 1,011.5 2.8 6.14 0.19 20.2 283
CB-22-91 620.9 623.5 2.6 2.35 0.05 15.1 100 MV above dyke
  1. The true width of the structures intersected is estimated at approximately 60-75% of the downhole width. Main Vein = MV.

Drilling and Quality Control

The Company is using Miikan Drilling as the drilling contractor. Miikan is a joint venture between Chibougamau Diamond Drilling Ltd., the First Nations community of Ouje-Bougoumou and the First Nations community of Mistissini both located in the Eeyou Istchee territory.

Sample preparation and analysis within the mineralized zones are completed at AGAT Laboratories in Mississauga, Ontario. For AGAT, samples are weighed, dried, crushed to 75% passing 2 mm, split to 250 g, and pulverized to 85% passing 75 microns. Samples are then fire assayed for Au (50 g) and 4 acid digest ICP-OES finish for 43 elements. Outside the mineralized zones, sample preparation is completed at SGS Canada Inc. in Val-d’Or, Québec and analysis (fire assay and ICP analysis) is completed at SGS Canada Inc. in Burnaby, B.C. Samples are weighed, dried, crushed to 75% passing 2 mm, split to 250 g, and pulverized to 85% passing 75 microns. Samples are then fire assayed for Au (50 g) and sodium peroxide fusion ICP-MS finish for 34 elements.

QA/QC is done in house by Doré Copper Geologists with oversight from the Vice President Exploration. The check samples (blanks and standards – 4% of total samples with another 2% of core duplicates) that were inserted into the sample batches are verified against their certified values and are deemed a pass if they are within 3 standard deviations of the certified value. The duplicates are evaluated against each other to determine mineralization distribution (nugget). If there are large discrepancies in the check samples, then the entire batch is requested to be re-assayed.

Sylvain Lépine, M.Sc, P.Geo., Vice President Exploration of the Corporation and a “Qualified Person” within the meaning of National Instrument 43-101, has reviewed and approved the technical information contained in this news release.

About Doré Copper Mining Corp.

Doré Copper Mining Corp. aims to be the next copper producer in Québec with an initial production target of +50 Mlbs of copper equivalent annually by implementing a hub-and spoke operation model with multiple high-grade copper-gold assets feeding its centralized Copper Rand mill1. The Corporation has delivered its PEA in May 2022 and plans to commence a feasibility study and submit the Preliminary Information Statement of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) in Q3 2022.

The Corporation has consolidated a large land package in the prolific Lac Doré/Chibougamau and Joe Mann mining camps that has produced 1.6 billion pounds of copper and 4.4 million ounces of gold2. The land package includes 13 former producing mines, deposits and resource target areas within a 60-kilometre radius of the Corporation’s Copper Rand Mill.

For additional information on Doré Copper Mining Corp. contact Ernest Mast, President & CEO at (416) 792-2229, or by email [email protected] or Laurie Gaborit Vice President, Investor Relations, at (416) 219-2049 or [email protected]

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