Quantum Battery Metals Completes First Phase of Exploration Program

August 15, 2022

Quantum Battery Metals Corp


Quantum Battery Metals Corp. announced that it has completed its first phase of the 2022 geologist reviewed Lithium exploration program in the Alba and Kelso properties. The Company indicates that the groundcrew was able to retrieve 24 samples over the two properties to be assessed in the labs and is now currently awaiting the final results of the samples. The groundcrew followed along the satellite survey conducted in 2021 to the pinpointed high exposure areas that showed the greatest potential. The satellite survey helped facilitate a swift and intensive navigation through the 3,756 ha claims.

The crew has efficiently sampled and mapped visible outcrop, prospected the geological territory, implemented advanced mapping for future development and obtained important samples throughout the exploration program. The Company indicates that the program has been successfully completed and it will begin to start planning its 2nd phase of its 2022 program with incorporating the exploration and assessment of its Lac Mistumis property once acquired.

“We are very excited for the potential of the samples our groundcrew has obtained. The program was set and finished without any difficulty and Quantum realizes that it has the potential to conduct several successful programs within a year with ease. The outlay of the program was geologist reviewed which kept cost to a minimum and accelerated our potential gains and development of the properties. The Alba and Kelso properties have shown great interest and we plan to continue this effort by working towards the 2nd phase of our 2022 exploration program,” states David Greenway, Director.

About the Properties

The combined Alba and Kelso property consists of 71 mineral claims covering approximately 3,756.51 ha. The Alba-Kelso property has observed intermittent exploration since 1974, consisting of prospecting, geochemical sampling (lake sediment, glaciofluvial, regional till), mapping, and geophysical and satellite surveys, having most recently undergone a satellite survey and sampling in 2021 and sampling in 2022.

For more information, please contact, Andrew Sostad, CEO and Director at (604) 629-2936 or email [email protected]

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