Gold mining in the Lena Goldfields of Russia with Kopy Goldfields

Mikhail Damrin, CEO of Kopy Goldfields, gave us an overview of the company and what their strategy is. Kopy is operating in the Lena Goldfields, which have been active since the 1840s and for a while was producing more gold than any other area on earth.

Mikhail also tells us about the team behind the company and provides details on their active projects in Russia.

Watch the interview to find out more:

About Kopy Goldfields
Kopy Goldfields is a Swedish gold exploration company operating in the Irkutsk and Amur regions of Russia, which are two of the most gold rich areas in the world. The Company currently holds 14 licenses, grouped into three projects, which entitles to exploration and production of gold.
Kopy Goldfield’s strategy is to create value by identifying and acquiring high potential gold projects, prospect and explore them until they reach the stage of being ready to be sold for cash or further developed in cooperation with a partner.

You can find out more about Kopy Goldfields and their projects on their website.

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