IronRidge testing boosts confidence in their Ewoyaa lithium project

June 26, 2019

IronRidge, who have a number of metals projects across Africa, have announced that X-ray diffraction analysis of metallurgical composites from their Ewoyaa lithium project have confirmed spodumene as the dominant lithium phase in all ten composites analysed. Ewoyaa is one of a number of projects within IronRidge’s Cape Coast lithium portfolio in Ghana.

Of itself, this may not sound like critical news, but as IronRidge continue to move this project forward, confirming spodumene as the dominant lithium mineral phase points towards simpler processing, with lower costs, and good customer acceptance. 

The testing also showed very low level to trace amounts of undesirable petalite, eucryptite, lepidolite and amblygonite. With Very low level to trace lithium phases reporting in residue material; minimal lithium losses to waste envisaged. 

 Len Kolff, CEO of IronRidge said that the testing has re-confirmed the results of their initial metallurgical test-work, raising their confidence that favourable spodumene consistency extends across the entire deposit footprint.

“All results to date point towards a simplified process flow-sheet design with remarkable mineralogical consistency in all ten metallurgical composites analysed.”

XRD Results: 

XRD results have been received for ten metallurgical composites tested. Results have confirmed spodumene as the dominant lithium phase; the preferred lithium phase for simple process flow-sheet design and feedstock for end users.

Metallurgical composite sample locations showing good spread across the Ewoyaa deposit footprint

Results demonstrate mineralogical continuity across the currently drilled deposit footprint and that spodumene is the dominant lithium mineral phase. From the XRD results, spodumene represents greater than 91% and up to 98% of the available lithium within all pegmatite types tested, with trace lepidolite, petalite, eucryptite, amblygonite, triphylite and other secondary lithium-phosphate phases. 

Location of the Ewoyaa deposit: 

Ewoyaa Project location relative to major infrastructure

The Ewoyaa deposit is well located within 1km of a bitumen highway and adjacent to grid power, within 100km of an operating deep-sea port and within the pro-mining, stable jurisdiction of Ghana (refer Figure 2). Multiple additional pegmatite targets occur adjacent to Ewoyaa including the drill tested Abonko deposit, the developing Ewoyaa West target and additional exploration targets, as well as the historical Egyasimanku Hill deposit (1.48Mt @ 1.66% Li2O, non JORC) further to the east. 

About IronRidge Resources

IronRidge Resources is an AIM-listed, Africa focussed minerals exploration company with a lithium pegmatite discovery in Ghana, extensive grassroots gold portfolio in Cote d’Ivoire and a potential new gold province discovery in Chad. The Company holds legacy iron ore assets in Gabon and a bauxite resource in Australia. IronRidge’s strategy is to create and sustain shareholder value through the discovery and development of significant and globally demanded commodities. 

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