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Benchmark Minerals Intelligence mining investment news and information

Frontier Lithium

Unrepresentative LME lithium prices hamper attempts to modernise industry

Guest article from Benchmark Mineral Intelligence.We've covered the issue of needing to set an accurate price for lithium contracts in the past,...
Rio Tinto lithium find in California

Rio Tinto’s ‘eureka moment’ with Californian lithium find

Mining giant Rio Tinto has announced it is to launch a pilot project to produce battery-grade lithium from the tailings (waste rock)...
BMW Electric Car, electric vehicle parking space in street

Benchmark Minerals with some home truths on future lithium supplies

The managing director of Benchmark Minerals Intelligence, Simon Moores, was interviewed on Al Jazeera News recently about future lithium supply, and how...
Frontier Lithium

Determining the true price of lithium

Debate about the future supply and pricing of lithium is taking up a lot of time at the mining conferences this year...