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Gwen Preston

Gwen Preston

Gwen Preston is a renowned expert in the field of mining. She spent years as a mining journalist giving her a deep base of knowledge and a broad network of contacts. She understands which projects and pieces of news matter.

The team at MiningIR love her writing and her knowledge which is why we’re pleased to feature her on our site. Sign up for a free trial of her leading newsletter at www.resourcemaven.ca

Market update: China matters

With European economies weak, the US mixed, Japan stuck in place, and many South American outlooks sliding, all eyes are on China....

Holding pattern…except for iron ore, copper, zinc, and Have companies

The metals space is sort of in a holding pattern, waiting for two things: a US-China trade deal and something other than...
Resource Maven Gold Prices

Video: Gold will gain – with real rates done rising

Gwen Preston – The Resource Maven – explains why she thinks gold is set to gain in this video.

Picking mining stocks which are ‘Strong & Splashy’

Last week I notified my subscribers about my two new Maven buys and while the details of the two certainly differ, they share a...

Resource Maven: Raising money in modern mining markets

Money makes the mining sector go round. Given that financings are the only way for explorers to raise money, the way that...
PDAC Toronto 2019

Gwen Preston: PDAC Takeaway

The most important takeaways from PDAC for me are my new investment ideas. Today’s Maven Buys is one of them; another...
Cabral Gold, Cuiú Cuiú Project in Northern Brazil

Gwen Preston: Catching up with… Cabral Gold (TSXV: CBR)

A year ago I was pretty jazzed about Cabral Gold. The company had a tight share structure, a good sized gold resource that was...

Gwen Preston: Copper rising

Copper has also been quietly performing. Yesterday copper broke up through its 200-day moving average, which is an important technical win; at...

Gold Prices Set Up To Shine Short-Term

Gold has been grabbing headlines over the last month, and for good reason. That’s a nice chart, especially compared to the broad markets over the...

Uranium Rising

I’ve been learning about vanadium lately. It’s an interesting sector: the price is up tenfold in two years because supplies are tight while demand...