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Gwen Preston

Gwen Preston is a renowned expert in the field of mining. She spent years as a mining journalist giving her a deep base of knowledge and a broad network of contacts. She understands which projects and pieces of news matter.

The team at MiningIR love her writing and her knowledge which is why we’re pleased to feature her on our site. Sign up for a free trial of her leading newsletter at www.resourcemaven.ca

Gold bars

Ways to play: Financings – explorers & new deals

I commented on financings two weeks ago. I went through the four-month hold period and how that often impacts share prices. And...
Gold bars - gold market

How bull markets begin – a look at gold

There’s a reason gold stocks move so much in a bull market: the market is tiny. The global gold market has a...
Gold bars

When gold goes, investing options abound

I think we’re at the start of a great new gold market. As I said last week, I don’t know whether tonight’s...

Preparing your portfolio for a gold bull market

Long story short: I’m excited. I think a gold bull market is now truly drawing near. Whether it starts now, next month,...
Gold bars - gold market

The longer the trade war, the better for the gold investor

Gwen Preston, The Resource Maven, has published her latest video on the world of mining stocks. In this video she gives us...

What lies ahead – trade wars, rate cuts, and gold!

I’ve said many times that preparing for conference talks is a great challenge for me because I have to summarize my entire...
Overview of Atlantic Gold's Moose River project

The Aussies are coming…to take out Atlantic Gold!!

I’ve been talking a lot lately about how I see deal flow rising in the mining space. Miners need more ounces and...
Frontier Lithium

Third time’s a charm – one more comment on M&A

I thought my M&A addendum last week was it; I thought I had nothing further to say about why I think the...

More M&A rationale – capital is king for explorers

Last week I wrote at length about why I think we will see a wave of M&A in the gold sector, and...
Natural Gold Nuggets and Dust - California, United States

Mining: A sector set for consolidation

Gold is boring. The price is sideways, equities are little changed, and capital is limited. Yet despite all of that we have...