Transition Metals Interview with Co-Founders Scott McLean, CEO and Greg Collins, COO

October 3, 2023

Transition Metals Corp.

by James Hyland, MiningIR

Alvaro Peralta from MiningIR spoke with co-founders of Transition Metals Corp. (XTM-TSX.V), Scott McLean and Greg Collins. The company is a multi-commodity explorer focused on the discovery of ore deposits in Canada.

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Transition Metals Corp., operating within the rich sphere of mining, elucidates a classic case of how diversified projects and robust financial management interplay to help navigate the turbulent waves of challenging market conditions.


Transition Metals Corp. exhibits a commendable financial health, boasting over $1.3 million in cash and a further $4 million embedded in marketable securities. Particularly, in a domain as volatile as mineral exploration, the company astutely maintains a sustainable position even amidst economic downturns, managing with a modest $50,000 monthly burn rate. This fiscal steadiness not only reflects a solid financial backdrop but also a steady platform enabling them to sail through the harsh winds of challenging market conditions with dexterity and poise.

Despite being a junior mining entity, the company occasionally strikes a chord with positive Earnings Per Share (EPS) – a feat not commonly witnessed among its peers. Such profitability stems from astute financial decisions and strategy formulations involving the sale of marketable securities, securing royalties, and option deals on their mining exploration projects, thereby aligning operational activities with financial prudence.

Transition Metals underscores a varied commodity focus, steering their business across a spectrum of commodities such as nickel, copper, PGM’s, precious metals, among others. This diversified approach doesn’t only diminish risk but bestows them with the nimbleness to morph in accordance with the cyclic commodity market demands, establishing a structured yet flexible business model.

  • Maude Lake Property:

Nestled in Northwestern Ontario, the property is a very prospective nickel-copper project, hosting high tenor nickel, copper sulfides, platinum group metals, and cobalt.

Maude Lake Property
  • Pike Warden Project:

Positioned in Yukon, the Pike Warden Project hosts as a gallery of over 20 new polymetallic showings that unveils potential for extensive epithermal and porphyry mineralization, thereby carving out a path toward significant discovery opportunities.

Pike Warden Project

Diversification extends beyond commodities for Transition Metals, reaching into strategic risk mitigation. Through strategic liquidation of certain assets, like marketable securities and royalties, and the consideration of spin-out opportunities, the company endeavors to grow shareholder value while minimizing vulnerability to market volatilities.

Garnering trust and reliability, the team at Transition Metals brings to the table a wealth of experience and an acclaimed history of notable successes, encompassing discovery awards. This powerhouse of expertise ensures strategic, data-driven, informed decision-making with every project and investment.

For investors with an eye on Transition Metals, near-term catalysts include results of ongoing field programs, potential spin-outs of subsidiary companies and advancement of its current spin-out companies; SPC Nickel Corp. and Canadian Gold Miner Corp.

Transition Metals Corp. encourages current and new investors to assess the quality of the company via platforms featuring the company, its website and through direct contact with its management. Through meshing strategic foresight, a dynamic portfolio, and sound financial health, Transition Metals Corp. presents a promising opportunity for investors and stakeholders alike.

Investors interested in Transition Metals Corp. can find more information on their website at and on MiningIR at, where the company is featured as a showcased entity.

The Company trades under the XTM (TSX Venture Exchange) and TNTMF (OTC).

Note: For a thorough, accurate representation and latest updates, referring directly to Transition Metals Corp.’s official communications, reports, and dedicated platforms is recommended. This exploration serves as a generalized overview, crafted from the provided details.

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James Hyland, MiningIR