Why Silver Deserves Equal Billing to Gold in Today’s Market

10 July 2024

Peter Grandich and David Morgan

A conversation between Peter Grandich and David Morgan, both prominent figures in the precious metals market. Their discussion is insightful, covering the intricacies of the precious metals market, the broader economic and political environment, and personal perspectives on navigating these complex issues.

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Peter Grandich and David Morgan have shared a professional relationship spanning decades, often appearing together at conferences across North America and Europe. Their longstanding connection highlights a mutual respect and shared commitment to educating others on financial and economic topics. During their time together, they have built a rapport that allows for candid and insightful discussions, making their joint appearances highly anticipated by audiences.

David Morgan, a renowned expert on silver and gold, operates the Morgan Report website, which offers a comprehensive look into his career and expertise in natural resources and the economy. Morgan is particularly known for his insights into the value and market dynamics of silver. He argues that silver is significantly undervalued compared to gold, emphasizing its critical industrial applications and drawing historical parallels, such as the metaphor presented in “The Wizard of Oz,” to illustrate its undervaluation.

Morgan also provides a critical perspective on the current economic and political climate, describing the global economy as contracting and pointing out the managed nature of financial markets. He highlights the disparity between financial markets and the physical economy, suggesting that the financial markets do not accurately reflect economic realities. Both Grandich and Morgan express skepticism towards the political class and financial systems, with Morgan advocating for individual action and spiritual well-being as essential tools for navigating these challenges.

Cycle of Success: Leveraging the Three Phases of Market Movement

Markets move in three phases. We have had two legs up in the gold and silver markets with one left. The silver market went from $5 to $21 and pulled back to under $9 in the financial crisis of 2008. From there the silver market rallied to nearly $50 in May 2011. The low for the last move is in, silver hit $12 in March of 2020 just when Covid hit the mainstream. All that is left is for the last piece of this incredible puzzle to fit into place. The final leg UP is huge in price appreciation and once started accelerates rapidly, leaving many that were waiting for the big move left behind.

For example, in that last major bull market silver went from $6 in January of 1979 to $50 in January of 1980. A gain of 850%.. The current market can be expected to do at least as well because we will be in a worldwide panic out of stocks, bonds, real estate, currencies, and life insurance and into one asset class- precious metals. We may see oil and energy stocks move wildly as well.

When every investment is being sold for whatever the market price will bring and ALL of those proceeds chasing into a market that represents only one percent of the total financial system the move in percentage terms will be monumental. This suggests a move in silver from the twelve dollar low of March 2020 to $100 minimum. Two hundred is more likely as markets overshoot during frenzies and this will be a market that will set records in so many ways.

The governments of the world may try and stop the run to gold but nothing can hold this back. Further, the BRICS nations are likely to add to the buying pressure by adding to their gold holdings while the West may try and discourage gold buying only to watch their scheme backfire.

David Morgan
Founder, TheMorganReport.com

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