Xplore Resources Corp. CEO Wes Hanson Interview with Tia Borden

9 August 2021

Xplore Resources Corp.


Wes Hanson, CEO of Xplore Resources Corp., speaks with Tia Borden from MiningIR on state of affairs of the company. In dicussion was the two Red Lake Mining District properties in Ontario and Valk Property located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Xplore is listed on the TSX Venture under the symbol XPLR.

YouTube video

Xplore Resources Corp. has just announced its Phase 1 2021 exploration programs at the Company’s Upper Red Lake Gold Project (“Upper Red Lake”) and the Pringle Lake Property (“Pringle Lake”) both located in the Red Lake Mining Division, Ontario and the Valk Copper Project (“Valk”), located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

“We are incredibly pleased to commence exploration of our properties in the Red Lake camp. The Red Lake camp has produced over 25 million ounces of gold and is currently home to some of the most exciting exploration discoveries in Canada, demonstrating the potential of this historic district. We believe that additional discoveries are inevitable. Gold in till sampling, conducted by the Geological Survey of Canada (“GSC”) in the early 1990s, identified gold in till at the Upper Red Lake property. Over 50% of all observed gold grains were described as pristine; suggesting minimal transport of the observed gold grains which, by extension, suggest the sample location is within a few hundred meters of the source. The gold in till anomalies identified by the GSC describe an east to west strike over a 4.0 km distance, a compelling exploration target.”

“Our Pringle Lake property lies along the South Arm structure, a recently interpreted by the Ontario Geological Survey as a third, deep seated fault structure. Similar deep seated structures have been observed at both Red Lake as well as the Dixie discovery where drilling by Great Bear Resources continues to indicate another potential high value discovery in the Red Lake camp,” said Wes Hanson, President and CEO of Xplore Resources.

“At our Valk property in BC, current soil geochemical data has defined a 500 meter wide by 3000-meter-long copper in soil anomaly coincident with a major, northwest trending regional structure that can be traced to the southeast to Island Copper Mine. We are currently evaluating the potential benefits of an initial airborne survey versus continued soil geochemistry at Valk,” continued Hanson.

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