York Harbour Announces Leadership Transformation with Appointment of Blair Naughty as CEO

February 3, 2024

York Harbour Metals Inc.


York Harbour Metals Inc. (TSXV: YORK, OTCQB: YORKF, FSE: 5DE0), a player in junior exploration in Newfoundland, announced a shift in its leadership structure. The company has appointed Blair Naughty as the Interim Chief Executive Officer & President, marking the beginning of a new chapter in its management and strategic direction.

Blair Naughty, a seasoned veteran with over three decades of experience in the securities, capital markets, and venture capital arenas, is set to spearhead York Harbour Metals’ journey towards expansion and innovation. Naughty’s career, which includes influential positions at Midland Walwyn, Sprott Securities, and Yorkton Securities, has equipped him with a profound understanding of the intricacies of the mining sector and the nuances of public market operations. His role as a venture capitalist and entrepreneur further complements his comprehensive industry insight, making him an ideal leader to propel York Harbour into its next phase of growth.

In discussing his new role, Naughty conveyed a deep-seated commitment to the company’s projects in Newfoundland, a region he passionately champions. His recent acquisition of over 5 million shares, a substantial investment exceeding 2 million dollars, underscores his confidence in York Harbour’s potential and aligns his interests with those of the shareholders. Naughty’s involvement extends beyond financial investment; he is actively engaged in fostering strong local connections and comprehensively understanding the regional context, endeavors that are pivotal for the company’s success.

Blair Naughty, Interim Chief Executive Officer & President commented, “My passion for Newfoundland and our projects at York Harbour drives every decision I make. Demonstrating my alignment with our shareholders, I have recently personally purchased over 5 million shares, amounting to over 2 million dollars in the open market, on top of participating in financings, which brings my total position to nearly 10 million shares. This significant stake is a testament to my confidence in our projects and the future of York Harbour. My investment goes beyond financial contributions; I am deeply involved in the province, dedicating time to build strong local relationships and gaining an intimate understanding of the regional landscape.”

Blair Naughty, Interim Chief Executive Officer & President

Naughty identified the York Harbour Copper Project and the Bottom Brook Rare Earth Project as pivotal assets poised to drive substantial growth for the company. Despite acknowledging the prevailing market challenges, he stressed the importance of strategic realignment to fully capitalize on these promising opportunities.

The announcement also detailed changes within the company’s management team. Bruce Durham will be stepping down from his current role but will maintain his involvement as a director. The company will also witness the departures of Doug Blanchflower as Director, Officer, and Qualified Person, and Andrew Lee as Managing Director, both effective from January 22nd, 2024. Despite these transitions, the Board of Directors, led by Chairman Michael Williams and inclusive of Directors Roger Baer and Leo Power, is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining the company’s stability.

York Harbour Metals remains steadfast in its dedication to responsibly advancing its projects, emphasizing sustainable practices, active community engagement, and a commitment to generating value for its shareholders. The strategic realignment of its management team, spearheaded by Blair Naughty’s leadership, marks a pivotal step in the company’s pursuit of excellence and growth in the mining sector.

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