Mining Events: Future of Mining EMEA arrives in London with the focus on technology, development and sustainability

10 May 2019

The Future of Mining EMEA conference takes place at 8 Northumberland Avenue in London from 4-5 September with a strategic focused commercial and operational agenda connecting the industry across Europe, Middle East and Africa.  

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Speakers delivering on these topic areas include Daria Goncharova, Chief Sustainability Officer, Polymetal International PLC, Tom Bailey, Mine Manager – Tara Mines, Boliden, Terry Heymann, Chief Financial Officer, World Gold Council,Jon Wylie, Director Natural Resources, Proudfoot, and Arjen de Bruin, Managing Director OIM Operations Solutions, OIM.

With over 200 professionals expected to be in attendance, it will cover a vast range of content spanning right across the entire mining life cycle with technology, development and sustainability at its core. The agenda focuses on areas of development and the challenges ahead as mining begins to look beyond the now and plan for the future.   

Key questions the conference will seek to answer include:

Overcoming a Lack of Trust: Securing Social License to Operate:

What events drive society’s views of mining? 

Adapting to Survive: How can Miners Integrate an Effective Digital Strategy into their Operations?

How do you manage digitisation when parts of a mining organisation are so different?

Stronger Together: The Need for industry collaboration:Why do European miners take a more open approach to collaboration than miners in other regions?

From Minecraft to Mineshaft: Engaging with the Next Generation of Talent

How real is the risk of falling short in the quest for new industry talent? 

Softening the blow of Automation: How great an impact will automation have on the existing mining workforce in EMEA?

The conference is well supported by solution providers including Proudfoot and OIM and for those who are interested in discussing new ideas, concepts and strategies; the Future of Mining is a great opportunity for those conversations and connections. 

This brand new addition to the Future of Mining conference series builds upon the successful

Future of Mining Americas (Second edition in Denver , 21-22 October 2019) and the Future of Mining Australia (third edition taking  place in Sydney 23-24 March 2020). 

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