The potential for uranium mining through 2019 and beyond with Goviex Uranium

We caught up with Daniel Major, CEO of Goviex Uranium, an Africa-focused uranium mining company. They have projects in Niger, Zambia and Mali. With Goviex seeing an improving Uranium price, and permits in place for two of those projects, it sounds like 2019 will be very busy for Goviex.

Daniel explained why Goviex is 100% focussed on Africa for their Uranium. He believes the speed at which projects can be set up is critical. Also, the mining culture in the countries in which they operate gives them a stable background to help take the company forward, after all, Uranium has been mined in many of these areas for over fifty years.

What about uranium prices in the future? Daniel gives us his argument for why he’s bullish on Uranium prices – citing nuclear demand back to where it was pre-Fukushima, a faster rate of new reactor builds and a primary production deficit of Uranium at the moment.

Watch the interview to get an insight into the uranium market for 2019 and beyond.

About Goviex Uranium
GoviEx is a mineral resource company focused on the exploration and development of its African uranium properties. GoviEx’s principal objective is to become a significant uranium producer through the continued exploration and development of its mine-permitted Madaouela Project in Niger, its mine-permitted Mutanga Project in Zambia, and its Falea Project in Mali.

On June 19, 2014, GoviEx successfully closed its initial public offering (IPO) on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), and began trading under the symbol “GXU”. On July 11, 2016, GoviEx transferred its listing to the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V).

You can find out more about on their website, connect with them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter @GoviExUranium  or connect with them on LinkedIn.

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