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Rare Earth Elements mining investment news and information

Rare Earth Elements

Free webinar: Rare earth metals and the US-China trade war

Get up to speed with one of the big issues facing mining at the moment, how the US-China trade war could affect...
Yttrium, rare earth element.

China threatens rare earth supply – time to speculate?

By Lobo Tiggre at https://independentspeculator.com Multiple news sources report that China is threatening to “weaponize” its dominance of rare earth...
Rare Earth Elements

What are Rare Earth Elements (REEs) and why are they in...

There’s been a lot of mentions of rare earth elements, often also called rare earth metals or rare earth minerals, in the...
Tanzania Rare Earth mining

Podcast: Electric vehicles, rare earth projects in Tanzania and more with...

The Dig Deep mining podcast is produced by Rob Tyson, an experienced mining recruiter/head-hunter with over 10 years in the mining industry....